Thursday, May 9, 2019

Makeover Your Nails With Leighton Denny

Give your hands and feet a spring make over with Leighton Denny 

The New 'Wander Lust' Collection by Leighton Denny 

If you know me well you'll know I love nails. I love painting my own nails and one of my favorite treatments that I offer at my salon is manicures and pedicures. There is nothing better than seeing new colours arrive, I suddenly act like I'm 5 again testing all the colours and wanting to paint each nail a different shade to show them off. I know it's also not just me as my clients are equally as excited when I flash new nail sticks in front of them and it takes forever to choose a new nail colour. 

Its now that time of the year when manicures and pedicures are the main salon treatment with everyone wanting to be holiday ready and summer sandal ready.

If you're not keen on visiting a salon and prefer an at home mani and pedi then I have the perfect steps to create summer ready fingers and toes. 

At Home Manicure 

1: Prep. Great hands start with great skin and the new Leighton Denny Rejuvenate Hand Mask is a good place to start. Carefully remove the moisturising gloves from the packet and apply to each hand; be sure to seal the stickers to keep them in place and relax for 20-30 minutes before removing and massaging in excess serum. 

2: Cuticles. Now your hands are soft and moisturised your cuticles will be easy to tease back gently with a orange wood stick or cuticle stick. Do not push too hard, just gently work back to create a nice neat edge. 
3: Nail shaping. On the natural nails I would only ever recommend a glass nail file, The Leighton Denny crystal glass file has earned 15 awards and turns the free edge of the nails to dust which stops the nails drying out and becoming brittle. To maintain healthy nails shape regularly to avoid any splits forming and keep the free edge strong. 

4: Painting. Before nail painting remove excess oils from the nail plate with some varnish remover, acetone free is ideal as this will stop the nail plate from drying out. 
Always start with a base coat. Base coats not only prevent colour from staining the natural nails but allow a nice strong base for your polish to grip and provide a harder wearing surface. 

5: Colour.  Apply two coats of your favourite colour, yes two, often I hear my client say that their 1 coat of colour chipped within a day and that's why. When applying your colour swipe along the free edge on every layer, this will cap the free edge and helps stops chipping. 

6: Top coat. Top coat is just as important as a base, it will seal the colour and provide a glossy finish, don't forget to cap that free edge on this layer too.

Always allow plenty of time for your nails to dry, a blast of Leighton Denny Miracle Mist will help speed up the drying process. 

Perfect Pedicure

1: Foot Soak. This can be done in the bath, allow your feet to soak in warm soapy water, if you have time then dust off your foot spa and get soaking. Foot soaking is great to soften any hard build up of skin allowing for easy removal.

2: Foot File. Using a foot file gently work over areas of hard skin, be careful not to over file on sensitive areas. 

3: Soften.  Sole Rescue is a great balm for the feet to help soften over areas of hard skin and deeply moisturise your feet. 

4: Cuticles and Shape. Gently work back the cuticles and file the nails is a straight motion. Toe nails are better shaped square to avoid in-grown nails and leaves a neat finish. 

5: Polish. Clean the nails to remove any oils. Apply a layer of base coat, two coats of your favourite colour and finish with a layer of glossy top coat. To avoid nails touching you can use toe dividers or a twisted piece of tissue.

Like finger nails allow plenty of drying time, I recommend leaving toe dividers in until the nails are dry to avoid any toes rubbing at your fresh polish. Quick dry spray can be use at this stage to speed up drying time. 

 Do you like to treat your nails at home or in a salon? 

Leanne x


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