Thursday, January 3, 2019

Real Resolutions

So it's that time of year again when it's all new year new beginnings.  
It's a fresh start to wipe out the old and start on a clean slate, that time of year when we feel anything is possible and the world is our oyster.
Can a new year really make us change and the whole world brighter? 

Every year I have a few resolutions in my head but never fully follow through on them, they're my pipe dreams, my dreams that I see from other people, what they have and me thinking that's what I want but I very rarely put any effort into achieving,  well this year though, I'm making then for me.

So here are my real resolutions

Be more thankful and don't compare

I have to say I'm terrible for comparing; comparing other peoples fabulous lives to mine that seems so boring in comparison. Most nights i'm in, sitting in my PJ's with my other half and cats, we're not eating out every other night, not attending fabulous parties and not on constant trips to far away places but does that make my life dull? Instead of being jealous of a snap shot on a screen of someones life I need to tell myself what I have, I have a lovely home, it's small but lovely. I have been with my partner for nearly 10 years and after spending the first 2 trying to get him to stay in and not go out every night I've finally gotten just that, we're happy to just be together in our little place and that is actually a great thing.
I am thankful to be able to travel at all, I know so many are not in that position, I had some lovely little trips last year, some local but still a lovely time away from the norm. I also must remember that somewhere someone may be comparing their life to mine, it seems hard to believe but someone may actually think I have the perfect life when they look on Instagram, it's not perfect, but i'm thankful for it. 

Be more present with loved ones

I like to think I'm a family person, I love my family but sometimes work gets in the way and I don't actually see then as much as I should. Time is precious and leading to Christmas I heard of so many sudden losses that it really hits home how much I need to be here in the now for my family; over Christmas I visited family more as you do and it was lovely, my nan would love me to pop in after work just for a coffee so I will do this more.

Be more careful with spending

This one I know I can do, I am so wasteful with small spending. If I add up the daily trips to the coffee shops I can save at least  £20+ a week, shocking I know, my daily routine is stopping by a coffee shop on my way to work and at £3 + per visit it adds up.
For Christmas I got a coffee pot so I'm taking my old one to my work place and will enjoy fresh coffee at a fraction of the price.
It's not just coffee though, it's the little trips to my local shop every other night on my way home to get things for tea that add up too, 
I must get over that fact that weekly shopping trips to the supermarket may be boring but it saves in the long run, I have just downloaded an app to help track what I spend, if you're looking to do the same I'm using  'Spending Tracker'  It's an eye opener after just a few days.

Get that gym body.... 

So this is the unrealistic one, as much as I look up to those girls with amazing abs and round peaches it will never be me, it could be but I'm laughing typing this as I know full well I will never be that disciplined to achieve anything like that, I love sweet treats too much and my motto for 'you only live once eat it' is strong but I will take better care of myself, I will drink more water,  moisturies my body, not just my face and eat less cheese. 
I do use the gym but I must take my time in the gym more seriously, a good 30 minute heart pumping workout is far better than an hour of mid rage exercises.

Have you made any resolutions? I would love to hear if you have ever stuck by previous ones, i'll update you on the cheese part. 

Happy New years!

Leanne x


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