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How To Get Perfectly Cleansed Skin

Get your skin twice as clean with double cleansing and Dermalogica 

You may have heard the term thrown around "Double cleansing' and maybe thought what a waste of product but there is more to double cleansing that juts a sales gimmick. 
Double cleansing has been around for years, I remember the days at college trying to remember the 10 step second cleanse routine and failing an assessment because I got some moves in a muddle, I was devastated, the tutor would check our double cleansing by doing the cotton wool test to see if we had left traces of make-up. My failed assessment aside what really is double cleansing and what does it involve? 

Double cleansing is a process where two different cleansers are used on the skin, the first cleanser is typically an oil cleanser, this is used in circular motions to remove your make-up, dirt and sebum (your skins natural oil) from your skin, once rinsed off a second cleanse takes place with a cleanser suitable to your skin type to really work for your skin helping to treat concerns.
Double cleansing daily is a great way to keep your skin in top condition and Dermalogica has just the products. 

First Cleanse 

Dermalogica Precleanse is the prefect start to a double cleansing routine. Simply take a few pumps of this gorgeous oil into your palms and massage in circular motions over your skin, it will not only remove make-up and oils but waterproof make-up too so if you are a lover of the liquid lipsticks then this is a product you can't live without. Once you have massaged into your skin and you can then add water to transform the precleanse into a milky consistency and simply rinse away. Your skin is left super soft will all traces of make-up and oil build up removed. This gently formular is perfect for all skin types including oils skin. 

Second Cleanse

Now your skin is clean from dirt build up, make-up and excess oils it's onto the second cleanse, the cleansing stage that can really get to work deep and treat the skin. 
Dermalogica offers 7 different cleansers to follow on from your precleanse so there really is a cleanser to suit everyone. All of the Dermalogica cleansers are soap free and PH balanced so will protect the skins natural moisture barrier.

Clearing skin wash: Brightening and helps reduce visible skin ageing

Breakout clearing foam wash: Tough on breakout yet gentle on your skin

Ultra calming cleanser: Perfect for sensitive and delicate skins

Special cleansing gel: A good allrounder, removes impurities without stripping, refreshing on the skin

Skin resurfacing cleanser: An exfoliating cleanser to re-texturise ageing skin

Dermal clay cleanser: Helps to purify oily skins and remove excess oil without drying the skin

Essential Cleansing Solution: A rich creamy cleanser for dry skin

When applying your cleanser for your second cleanse work with massage movements well into the skin not forgetting the neck area. Spend a few moments working the product into the skin to allow the specially selected ingredients to do their job. Once you have cleansed all over your face and neck remove with water and follow with a spritz of toner such as Multi active toner and a layer of Skin Smoothing cream and your are good to go. 

Shop the Dermalogica cleansers here 

Do you currently double cleanse as part of your skin care routine? If so what products do you love to use? 

Leanne x 


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