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Brighten Your Skin This Winter

With the winter months coming it can take its toll on our skin but with a little help from Pixi brightness can be restored

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Freezing cold weather and central heating plays havoc with our skin causing it to feel dehydrated, dry, chapped and lack lustre.
Dry skin not only shows the signs of aging quicker but it is also a barrier for other skincare products to penetrate to the deeper layers; effectively making them redundant. 
Dry skin can also lack the glow factor and be greyish in appearance and at times a grain based face scrub just wont cut it so that is where the Pixi glow peel pads come in.

Pixi Glow Peel Pads

If you like glycolic like I do or you already love the Pixi glow tonic then you will love these peel pads.
The Pixi peel pads contains 20% glycolic acid compared to the 5% of the glow tonic. Gylcolic acid is a powerful exfoliant like ingredient as it dissolving away at the top layer of the skin, the higher the percentage the stronger the peel. Glycolic is great to melt away the dull skin cells that can cause clogging to pores so it helps keeps the skin clear and bright. Glycolic peels are also good great to even out skin tone and help minimise old acne scars.


To use the peel pads simply wipe a pad over cleansed skin avoiding the delicate skin around the eyes. You may experience a slight tingle if you have not used before, leave on your skin for up to 4 minutes then rinse with water to neutralise the glycolic. It is again normal to feel a slight tingle during the 4 minutes and with frequent use this sensation does ease off but if you are experiencing irritation beyond slight tingling the remove immediately and refrain from further use. 
Glycoilc is generally fine for all skin types but if you are worried about sensitive skin then you can test on a small area of your face first. 
Once you have rinsed with water apply a moisturiser to your skin to hydrate. 
With continued use you will notice your skin is brighter, more radiant and feel smoother to touch.
The peel pads are also great at minimising breakouts as the pores of your skin are kept clear. 

When using a glycoilc product it is important to increase you SPF especially during sunny days as your skin can be more photo-sensitive causing redness and irritation.
It is also advisable to avoid any other other peel treatment in the 24hrs of using and avoid heat treatments on the face.

I use my peel pads in conjunction to my Pixi tonics, I use my peel pads 3 times a week and every night in between I switch with the Glow tonic and the Retinol tonic to keep my skin glowing.

We don't just want glowing skin in the summer, let it shine this winter.

Have you tried glycolic on your skin before?

Leanne x


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