Monday, July 30, 2018

Whiter teeth for less with Blanx Pro

Who doesn't want whiter teeth, but who doesn't want to break the bank getting there? 

Teeth whitening is a massive industry and pearly white teeth can really transform a person, many teeth whitening products are harsh for our teeth and can ultimately be damaging over time to the enamel of our teeth.

Blanx Pro 

Blanx pro is their new toothpaste which is non-abrasive and peroxide free so it not only protects the enamel of the teeth but also helps stops yellowing. The pro formula helps removes stains from your teeth that our daily lifestyle plays a part in creating, coffee, tea, red wine and smoking all help to discolour our teeth. Not only does the pro range help with removing those unwanted stains is helps counteracts bacterial production that can cause plaque, tarts and tooth decay. 
The pro range consists of 3 new toothpastes, Pure white, Fresh White and Glossy White. 

Pure White: Removes stains, fights oral bacteria to defend the natural whiteness of your teeth

Glossy White: Pro shine micro particles fight stains to leave teeth shiny and white

Fresh White: Zinc PCA strengthens the antibacterial action, counteracting halitosis for white teeth and fresh breath. 

The Blanx pro formula

Artic Lichens: Proven to effectively protect the mouth and teeth and can help prevent the formation of bacteria which is know to cause tooth discoloring. 

Non-abrasive silicas: Specific size granules gives optimum cleaning with a low level of abrasiveness to protect the tooth enamel without damaging the teeth. 

Enzymes: Helps remove stains from the teeth by degrading the protein film on teeth to remove stains and counteract the bacterial growth to restore the whiteness. 

Blanx Pro is a daily tooth paste so use morning and night to reveal your teeth's natural witness. 

Have you tried the Blanx Pro range yet? 

Thank you to Blanx for gifting me the new pro range. 

Leanne x

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