Monday, March 12, 2018

The Body Shop: Grown Up Mist

Where you a Dewberry mist or Vanilla mist girl? If that is lost on you then you were not in high school in the 90's. Every girls changing room was a hazy mist of the body shop fragrances. If you couldn't smell the distinct smell of Dewberry or the sickly sweet smell of Vanilla a mile off then you were doing it all wrong.

My back pack essentials (alongside school books of course) were Vanilla mist, a Tea Tree twist up concealer stick which was several shades darker than my natural skin tone and a Miss Sporty mascara. I was a cool kid lol.
My weekends were spent in store rubbing on every lotion and potion and spending my pocket money on more beauty products; not a lot has changed over the years either with the body shop still stocking the classics with some having a more grown up vibe and myself still spending every penny on beauty.

Black Musk

Black musk is right up my street as they say, I'm a lover of fragrances that are slightly heavy as opposed to light floral scents, I like more masculine tones with a hint of sweetness so the mix of pink pepper and bergamot mix well with the vanilla black musk. 

The range includes the body wash, body lotion and 3 different fragrance styles, Eau de parfum, Eau De Toilette and Perfume oil.
The body lotion is silky smooth on your skin and layered with the fragrance gives a deeper long lasting scent.

If heavy scents are not your thing then try the floral fragrance of White Musk or the seductive White Musk Smokey Rose perfume.

Body Shop Classics 

There are some other classics that still remain just as gorgeous as ever, I love the Satsuma body wash,  Coconut body butter and the 'Brush On Bronze' bronzing pearls (I use to pinch these off my mum) 

Brush on bronze 

To shop the range visit your local Body Shop or shop through a consultant for the latest promotions and to be on top on the latest news. 

 Norwich consultant: Samantha

Leanne x

This post was not sponsored, all products purchased by myself. 


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