Thursday, February 15, 2018

Timeless style: Bella Singleton

We're at a time when 'throw away fashion' is at its highest and I'm guilty of heading straight into the high street chains and going a bit mad buying items I may only wear once. 
It is though the classic pieces that I still have years later; take my Louis Vuitton bag and scarf for example, over 10 years old and still going strong. 
Timeless pieces are worth every penny because they are just that, timeless and Bella Singleton does timeless very well with her contemporary accessories with beautiful prints inspired from around the world. 

Bella Singleton 
Bella started the brand in 2015 and has recently moved to my home town and her pieces will soon be available at the Sainsbury Centre and Truffle clothing boutique in Ipswich. Items can purchased through her website and other online retailers such as Tate Modern. 

Bella has had much press coverage for her beautiful silk designs from the classic scarfs to neckerchiefs and small squares that are perfect to adorn a bag, pocket or wrist with prices from £55. 


 The great thing about a timeless piece is they can be worn by all ages and styles. A pocket square against a sharp tailored suit adds an elegant feminine touch. A skinny scarf can be worn alongside your favourite necklace and little black dress for a touch of colour or like myself a long silk scarf styled with a plain 'T' and leather trousers adds a girly element that softens the harder leather look. 

I love the playful colours of the Cuba scarf that will be perfect throughout the summer months and upcoming wedding season.

Accessories a plain black bag with your scarf to compliment your outfit. I love the soft pastel colours against the knit jumper. 

Alongside the silk scarfs there are beautiful print cushions and my favourite Fedora hats, perfect for summer days strolling in the country or lazing on a tropical beach.  

Fedora hat: Bella Singleton 


Thank you for reading and thank you Bella Singleton for gifting me my beautiful scarf. 

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