Wednesday, February 7, 2018

My Instagram Make-up

I recently had a foot operation if you don't follow me on Instagram and for 5 days I was stuck in the house and upon my first outing (a trip to find a fishing lake) I was excited to get a bit glammed up and make an effort with my make-up. To my surprise I had several messages complimenting me on my look and asking about products so I decided to film a YouTube video detailing what I used and how. 

You will notice in the video my eyes are so red, not sure if it was still from my operation and the pain medication I was on at the time but you will see how great my concealer is at hiding them. 
I love playing around with make-up but never feel I have the time in the morning so when its my day off I really like to make the effort. 

Let me know what you think 

Full product details are listed within description box of YouTube. 

Thank you for watching

Speak soon x 


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