Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Why you need to go electric with your teeth.

It's no surprise that Oral B is the number 1 recommended brand by dentists with the first design dating back over 80 years. We have become a generation that has never been so conscious of our oral health and millions of tooth care products are sold each year to give us a pearly white smile. 

Why Electric? 

I have been using an electric tooth brush now for the last 3 years; prior to this I thought I was cleaning my teeth fine, I bought expensive tooth paste and scrubbed as hard as I could at my teeth and often had bleeding gums, my tooth brush needed changing literally every month as I was bending the bristles outwards with the scrubbing I was doing but it was all part of good cleaning right? .....  Wrong!

Correct brushing is not a quick scrub but a 2 minute precess morning and night and with built in timers you know exactly how long to brush for. With regards to pressure some electric brushes have sensors to let you know when you're brushing too hard and say good bye to plaque, brushes with an osculating head remove up to 100% of plaque; I bet your manual brush can't do that. 

Oral B Pro 2 

The Oral B pro 2 is a perfect brush to introduce you to electric brushing. The 2 minute timer will notify you every 30 seconds so you precisely clean each area of your teeth. 
The rotating head will ensure plaque is removed from around the gum line and if you are too heavy handed the light sensor will flash red alerting you to use less pressure so no more sore bleeding gums. 
The brush head also features bristles at differing heights to allow the brush head to reach all around the tooth for a deeper clean. 
There are two settings to choose form for best comfort and daily clean helping left stains from your teeth from day 1. 
With the rechargeable battery you get weeks of brushing from 1 charge and a bonus travel case makes it easy to transport in your weekend bag or suitcase; no one wants to explain that it's just their toothbrush when a strange buzzing sound can be heard from your travel bag, this has literally happened to me. 

Don't forget that regular trips to the dentist will help keep your teeth in top condition and a dentist can further recommend products to assist with a healthy smile, thank you to Pure Smiles for my new Oral B tooth brush. 
Pure smiles specialises in teeth whitening, invisalign and dental care 

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Friday, January 26, 2018

My Life and Best Buys 2017

I feel like in the last 4 months so much has changed, I've left a job I was in for 11 years and I've finally had my foot operated on. 
I'm entering 2018 in a more positive place and I could not be happier for what is ahead of me. 
Watch my video for what has changed and what my best buys for 2017 were. 

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

My Top Sale Coats and jackets

It has been noted that I love a coat and jacket and I'm now having a wardrobe dedicate to just them. I love a good jacket to dress up any outfit and if you choose right you can keep for years and some I literally have had for years. 
With all the sales now in full swing I've been very restrained and only bought one (I did get a gorgeous Velvet jacket for Christmas that I'm not counting as it was a gift) so with that in mind I've rounded up my top picks for sale coats and jackets including the 1 I bought. 

My Sale Coat 

I first saw this coat in Topshop when it was full price and instantly fell in love with it but I never really buy anything full price near Christmas as you just know it will be reduced only a few weeks later. I love the colour of this as it perfect to add some colour to a winter outfit and pink lifts your complecion so no more dull days. 
If you can't find online check out your local store as Norwich still had a few in Stock. 

My Top 5

 Coats and jackets in the sale 

1: I actually have this aviator jacket in pink and the blue is equally as striking and a total bargain at £28. 

Miss Guided was £70 Now £28 

2: Sticking with Miss Guided because they have such a great selection is this bright fur coat down to £34 from £85. I love the acid yellow tone and paired with a simple outfit it will make a great statement. 

Miss Guided now £34

3: A classic blazer will last you a life time and can be dressed down with a simple T Shirt or paired with a gorgeous dress for evenings. This Karen Millen tuxedo jacket has the option to be belted so great to add shape to the waist. 

Karen Millen Was £215 now £99

4: With reports the weather is getting colder a fur lined parker style jacket is the answer. This lovely one is from Topshop down to £35.  

5: If you can afford to splash some cash then a classic Burberry trench coat with ruffle detail is just what you need to last years and years, you can literally wear this anything and look instantly chic. Down to £950 from £1595. 

Burberry Trench 

Whats you favorite sale coat? 

If the Burberry coat goes down another 99% its mine lol 

Speak soon 

Leanne x 

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