Monday, November 26, 2018

Dermaplaning: The Scalpel Facial

What is Dermaplaning and what does it do?

These are the question I was asked when I said I was booked in to have a Dermaplaning facial.
Dermaplaning by definition is a physical deep exfoliation procedure using a surgical scalpel to remove to top dead skin cells and vellus hairs which is often referred to a peach fuzz. The treatment is very trendy at the moment and you need to research wisely to ensure you are visiting a fully qualified therapist.

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I booked myself in for Dermaplaning as my skin was feeling dull, dry and just generally lacked lustre. The treatment cost £65 and increases greatly depending on the salon and area. 
The treatment lasted around 1 hour and there was no discomfort during the treatment at all. 
To see the treatment in action I filmed the process for you, see the treatment in action below. 

Watch Dermaplaning in Action 

Have you had a Dermaplaning facial and what were your thoughts? 

Leanne x


Monday, October 22, 2018

Fashion Forward with Femme Luxe

Sometimes you think of knit wear and you think your grannies cardigans and jumpers but it doesn't have to be. Go bright and bold with Femme Luxe and add some colour and style to your wardrobe.

Femme Luxe is an online retailer aimed at the fashion forward with affordable prices to match! They do style that rivals the high street and with fast shipping you're not left camped at your post box for weeks after ordering... we all do this right? 

My Femme Luxe Looks 

Chunky polo necks are the ultimate winter cosy attire, I love the colour of this lime green and off set against tailored black trousers it's the ultimate statement.
Shop the Jumper here 

This cropped knit top is perfect for warmers days and can also be layered for winter perfection. 

Shop the look here 

Wish List 

Femme Luxe not only has the best knit wear but the latest fashion trends so I've picked my top 5 'wish list' items from their site. 

1: The Duster Coat

Great to layer over hoodies or add some elegant glamour to any outfit. 
Duster Coat

2: The Statement Trousers

Style with a simple 'T' to make the trousers do the talking. 
Snake Print Pants

3: The Classic kicks 

The dresses and skirts styled with trainers trend is not going anywhere so grab these while you can, these will also be perfect with jeans and leather trousers. 


4: The Layering Trends

I can't get enough of the layering necklace trend but I can do without the tangling of them! This one is perfect as on one chain you can stay tangle free! 
Gold Layered Necklace 

5:The Pyjama Style Trend 

I love the pajama style blouse look at the moment, this one is perfect as it's a bodysuit and you wont have to fight to keep it tucked in. 
Floral Bodysuit 

Follow the hashtag #LUXEGAL on instagram for styling inspiration 

What are your favourite pieces and trends at the moment? 



Sunday, October 7, 2018

Brighten Your Skin This Winter

With the winter months coming it can take its toll on our skin but with a little help from Pixi brightness can be restored

Pic Credit:Target

Freezing cold weather and central heating plays havoc with our skin causing it to feel dehydrated, dry, chapped and lack lustre.
Dry skin not only shows the signs of aging quicker but it is also a barrier for other skincare products to penetrate to the deeper layers; effectively making them redundant. 
Dry skin can also lack the glow factor and be greyish in appearance and at times a grain based face scrub just wont cut it so that is where the Pixi glow peel pads come in.

Pixi Glow Peel Pads

If you like glycolic like I do or you already love the Pixi glow tonic then you will love these peel pads.
The Pixi peel pads contains 20% glycolic acid compared to the 5% of the glow tonic. Gylcolic acid is a powerful exfoliant like ingredient as it dissolving away at the top layer of the skin, the higher the percentage the stronger the peel. Glycolic is great to melt away the dull skin cells that can cause clogging to pores so it helps keeps the skin clear and bright. Glycolic peels are also good great to even out skin tone and help minimise old acne scars.


To use the peel pads simply wipe a pad over cleansed skin avoiding the delicate skin around the eyes. You may experience a slight tingle if you have not used before, leave on your skin for up to 4 minutes then rinse with water to neutralise the glycolic. It is again normal to feel a slight tingle during the 4 minutes and with frequent use this sensation does ease off but if you are experiencing irritation beyond slight tingling the remove immediately and refrain from further use. 
Glycoilc is generally fine for all skin types but if you are worried about sensitive skin then you can test on a small area of your face first. 
Once you have rinsed with water apply a moisturiser to your skin to hydrate. 
With continued use you will notice your skin is brighter, more radiant and feel smoother to touch.
The peel pads are also great at minimising breakouts as the pores of your skin are kept clear. 

When using a glycoilc product it is important to increase you SPF especially during sunny days as your skin can be more photo-sensitive causing redness and irritation.
It is also advisable to avoid any other other peel treatment in the 24hrs of using and avoid heat treatments on the face.

I use my peel pads in conjunction to my Pixi tonics, I use my peel pads 3 times a week and every night in between I switch with the Glow tonic and the Retinol tonic to keep my skin glowing.

We don't just want glowing skin in the summer, let it shine this winter.

Have you tried glycolic on your skin before?

Leanne x


Monday, September 17, 2018

Vlog 4: Festival Fun With My Twin

So we said we were not doing festival face glitter and what did we do?

Watch my latest vlog below as we explored the Sundown Festival in our home town finished off with myself getting lash extensions. 

Who is who? 


Thank you for watching



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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Vionic: More Than Just A Shoe #DiscoverTheSecret

Style Over Comfort No More 

I am not going to lie, I have suffered years with my feet and ended up having an operation in January to correct one. I have never found shoes that feel comfortable to wear all day and walk around in, often I would go out and have to take my shoes off in the cinema and on a few occasions I have had to stop and buy a pair of shoes to change in as the throbbing pain was unbearable. 

I recently discovered Vionic through a good friend and was kindly invited to attend the launch of the new line of footwear at the beautiful Haymarket hotel in London.
The evening was lovely and we not only got to see the new line of autumn/winter shoes while sipping champagne but also got to hear about the technology behind the brand that makes them more than just stylish shoes. 

Most Vionic footwear is recognised by the American Pediatric Medical association which means it is one of the few footwear brands out there to have demonstrated the ability to promote good foot health. 
With contoured foot beds that literally mould to your feet you are fully supported with every step. 

I wore my new Vionic boots to a festival last weekend and they were super comfortable and stylish, I chose the Mara boots as they will be prefect for the coming months with jeans and dresses. 

Mara Boots 

 Mara boots

My top pics from Vionic 

Let the shoe do the talking set with a simple outfit

City sleek, pair with jeans for laid back styling 

Team with skirts or trousers for a dressed up look 

The classic ballet pump with inner support and comfort

Thank you Vionic for a lovely evening and for my lovely new boots. 

Have you tried this brand before? 

Leanne x 


Monday, July 30, 2018

Whiter teeth for less with Blanx Pro

Who doesn't want whiter teeth, but who doesn't want to break the bank getting there? 

Teeth whitening is a massive industry and pearly white teeth can really transform a person, many teeth whitening products are harsh for our teeth and can ultimately be damaging over time to the enamel of our teeth.

Blanx Pro 

Blanx pro is their new toothpaste which is non-abrasive and peroxide free so it not only protects the enamel of the teeth but also helps stops yellowing. The pro formula helps removes stains from your teeth that our daily lifestyle plays a part in creating, coffee, tea, red wine and smoking all help to discolour our teeth. Not only does the pro range help with removing those unwanted stains is helps counteracts bacterial production that can cause plaque, tarts and tooth decay. 
The pro range consists of 3 new toothpastes, Pure white, Fresh White and Glossy White. 

Pure White: Removes stains, fights oral bacteria to defend the natural whiteness of your teeth

Glossy White: Pro shine micro particles fight stains to leave teeth shiny and white

Fresh White: Zinc PCA strengthens the antibacterial action, counteracting halitosis for white teeth and fresh breath. 

The Blanx pro formula

Artic Lichens: Proven to effectively protect the mouth and teeth and can help prevent the formation of bacteria which is know to cause tooth discoloring. 

Non-abrasive silicas: Specific size granules gives optimum cleaning with a low level of abrasiveness to protect the tooth enamel without damaging the teeth. 

Enzymes: Helps remove stains from the teeth by degrading the protein film on teeth to remove stains and counteract the bacterial growth to restore the whiteness. 

Blanx Pro is a daily tooth paste so use morning and night to reveal your teeth's natural witness. 

Have you tried the Blanx Pro range yet? 

Thank you to Blanx for gifting me the new pro range. 

Leanne x

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Monday, July 23, 2018

New Beauty: The best aftersun ever and whiter teeth!

I have found the best after sun ever thanks to one of my clients who always maintains that holiday glow weeks after returning! 
Alongside the best moisturiser is my new facial brightening product and a few PR beauty gifts so I've filmed a new video for you showing you my new beauty products. 

New Beauty and PR Un-boxing 

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts? 

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Thank you 
Leanne x 


Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Must have RiverIsland swimsuits

I have a love for swimsuits and on my holiday last week I wore one every day.
Long gone are the days of the frumpy swimsuit; plunging fronts, cut out sides and super high leg cut have propelled swimsuits to the must have beach wear this year.  

RiverIsland has a huge selection from girly to super sexy and as its my favourite place for swimwear I've picked my top 5 swimsuits from their collection.

Relaxing at Costa's on holiday in Zante. Swimsuit Riverisland.. check in store, now on sale at £15. 

The High Waist Cut Out   

This is the updated style of last years swimsuit that I have. I love the new floral detail and this is perfect for those who don't like to show too much tummy with the higher waist style bottoms. 


The High Neck Line 

This is great for those who prefer to show less cleavage and the contrasting striped band accentuates the waist perfectly. 


The knockout Swimsuit 

This is a super sexy swimsuit that would be perfect for a pool party or like my friend, to sunbath in at the beach. Super high cut leg and plunge front, you will not go unnoticed in this number. 


The Plunge Front 

A gorgeous summer colour with cut out detail,  also available in pink and Khaki
Perfect for all body shapes and now reduced in the sale!
Was £35 now £15 


The Curvy Swimsuit 

This gorgeous swimsuit is perfect for those blessed with curves, The waist band detail adds shape and accentuates curves and the plunge neckline shows off the some cleavage while providing support to larger busts. 


 Are you into the swimwear trend and what is your favorite swimsuit? 

I have the plunge front in yellow added to my basket. 

Leanne x


Saturday, June 30, 2018

Pixi Beauty: Must Have Mists

Keep your skin hydrated, protected and refreshed with Pixi beauty face mist

What ever the season your skin is effected by the elements, UV from the sun, air conditioning and heating is all taking moisture out of our skin causing it to look dull, dehydrated or even red from sunburn. Pixi beauty has 5 mists that sit perfectly alongside your skincare routine.

Hydrating Milky Mist

The hydrating Milly mist is super light and can be applied AM before your moisturiser or make-up or throughout the day to hydrate and give an instant moisture surge.
Like the other mists the bottle is 80ml so perfect for travel and this will be in my flight bag this week to hep combat the air conditioned plane drying my skin out and a few spritz after a long haul flight will be prefect to awaken you and your skin.
With the addition of linoleic acid this mist is perfect for dryer skin as it provides anti-inflammatory, moisturising and heeling properties.

The Face Mist Range

Vitamin wake up mist: Apply any time to cool, hydrate and refresh, Orange blossom water is perfect as a toner for oily skin so spritz onto skin after cleansing.

Sun mist: With SPF 30 this is prefect for extra protection and hydration throughout the day.
Glow mist: Enriched with natural oils spay onto face or hair for a glowy finish that provides nourishment and hydration. Can be used throughout the day.

Make-up fixing mist: Overall mist used to set make-up  

My Pixi beauty skincare 

Alongside the face mists I use several other Pixi products that I like to use. For the mornings I use the Rose Toner to refresh my skin before applying the Day Dew moisturiser which is amazing, not only does it provide excellent hydration but leaves the skin absolutely glowing all day, it makes the perfect base for make-up leaving a dewy finish.
For the evenings I like to follow my cleansing with the glow tonic, this has a gentle exfoliating effect on the skin making it prefect to allow absorption of other products so I follow up with the Rose Oil Blend as my night oil providing excellent hydration and helps restore the skin leaving it glowing. 

Have you use any Pixi products?

 I would love to hear your thoughts.

Leanne x

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