Thursday, December 7, 2017

Primark £1 False Eyelashes

Affordable False Lashes 

I'm usually an eyelash extension person but I'm also a picker and the two don't mix well so thankfully Primark have false eyelashes for £1

I love a good false lash, the right style can lift and open an eye as well as adding instant glamour. I have bought loads over the years and if you carefully remove the glue you can wear several times. I like to wrap mine around my cleanser tube between wears as it holds the curve shape though keep out of reach of cats as mine like to eat them at any opportunity. 

My usual lashes cost £5 a pair so these are a good saving. 

There are several styles within the £1 lash range

My personal favourites

Full look and define. 'Full look' for day as resembles lash extensions and 'Define' for evening as slightly more dramatic and spiky. 

Dramatic: Very thick and full will give a heavy look. Not ideal for lash virgins or small eyes.

Intense: Clear band gives a more natural bond so no need for thick liner. Soft natural lashes. 

Sultry: A natural but fluffy finish, good for day wear. 

Natural: Good for day wear, more defined lashes than Sultry. 

Volume: Full lash look, long and ideal for evening. 

Staying Power

You have a glue included within each pack and I used with the first wear on a night out. The glue is actually not bad, it takes a while to set the lash in place so can slid a bit when trying to apply. I like the applicator as if you get a part lift it is easy to just add a tiny bit more to the lash line. For maximum hold with lashes I really don't think you can beat 'Duo' glue. Duo glue is also sold in Primark and comes in a squeeze tube so I usually apply a small blob to the plastic lash packaging and holding the lash between tweezers run the lash through the glue. I find with the Duo glue there is no risk of the lashes lifting at all and it sets fast so you don't have to keep pressing the lash in place.

Would I Buy Again? 

Absolutely,  I've stocked up for Christmas already in my two favourite styles.

What are you favourite lashes?

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