Thursday, November 16, 2017

Silk Blouses and Shoulder Pads

Take me back to the 80's with this patterned blouse complete with shoulder pads! 

A silk blouse is the ultimate wardrobe staple for sophisticated style; a vibrant coloured silk blouse with shoulder pads may scream more Pat Butcher than Victoria Beckham (For those born post 80's/90's just Google and laugh) but they really have come back in style thanks to Zara. 

Zara have an array of these blouses in at the moment and the best part being that they are actually body suits,  no more trying to keep them neatly tucked in all day with one stray edge working its way loose flapping around all creased. Snap fastening at the bottom makes it easier to use the ladies too, no more stripping naked.. or pulling far enough to the side.. don't pretend you haven't done that. 

 This beautiful Zara blouse is just £29.99 and will see you through day and night and is perfect for upcoming parties. 

I used a broach to stop from showing too much clevage during the day. 

 Zara silks and shoulder pads 

1: I love the lapel collar on this blouse and autumn floral print.


2: Crisp white for any trouser, skirt or jean. 


3: Bold colours, keep make up and hair simple and let the blouse do the talking

Shop Zara 

4. Tropical print to add sunshine on a dull day 
Shop Zara

Which one is your favourite?

Have you tried this style yet?

Thank you for reading

Leanne x


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