Thursday, November 9, 2017

Aldi Luxury Candles

At this time of year when the nights have drawn in and you are starting to feel more of a chill than you like there is nothing better than hibernating at home. 
Warm baths and snuggling on the sofa in your favorite pyjamas, hot chocolate in hand, box sets at the ready and a candle burning is obligatory. 

I have over the years I feel tested every candle there is. I  have a candle in every room of my house and in some places groups of candles in different sizes; to my horror earlier this year I found out that allowing blown out candle soot to just rise in the air will leave lovely white walls with a grey tinge and wiping it off causes more problems! (The living room and bedroom needed re-painting) 

You would have thought the above would have stopped my candle obsession but I have now found some obvious solutions; place a candle lid over the top to stub out flames and leave your white walls in tack, also keep wick trimmed so you don't have such a flame to cause rising soot, you'll thank me later. 

Now you would have already seen the 'look a like' candles and diffusers in Aldi and if you haven't, where have you been? 
I was introduced to these after a client brought me the Pomegranate candle into work one day. It smelt absolute amazing, it is by far my favourite smell, it's warming and heavy with a hint of fruit. 
The candles are large with 2 wicks and a silver lid and priced at £3.99 wont break the bank. The design is simple and stylish. The reed diffuser's are also £3.99 and both come in the same scents; Numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. 

No 1: Lime, Basil and Mandarin
No 2: Blackberry and Bay 
No 3: Pomegranate
No 4: English Freesia and Pear


Now the price may be very low in comparison to its high end version but don't be fooled on the smell.   
The smell is strong but not overpowering and lasts for the full burn time. Once you have lit your candle if you allow it to burn until the top layer becomes completely melted you will be able to burn your candle completely down to the bottom of the jar. 
The reed diffusers are also strong smelling, I turn the sticks every few days to keep my living area smelling of No 1 (I have two in my living area) 

Stylish Storage 

Along with candles I can never have too much storage, It helps me keep everything in order. These candles once burnt out make great storage containers too. 
To clean for storage use I filled with boiling water and allowed to cool. Once cooler but not cold I then used an old spoon to lift out the wax that has set on the surface of the water and placed in a bin. I then wash the jar inside to to remove residue and polish clean. 

An empty jar makes great brush storage... mine are a little dirty. 

Another jar keeps my jewellery safe from the cats

Have you tried these candles yet?
What is your favourite scent?

Thank you for reading

Leanne x


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