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Guinot may be a name in the skincare world that you may not be familiar with but it's at the forefront for being one of the best facial treatments since 1972. 

Guinot treatments were first offered in a VIP treatment room at the Hotel George V in Pairs by Jean Daniel Mondin; Guinot's Chairman and CEO.  What started as word of mouth has propelled the Hydradermie treatment into 11 thousand salons worldwide. 

I first experienced a Hydradermie facial 15 years ago whilst working within my first beauty job and the basic principles of the treatment remain unchanged which is why I love the brand so much; why change perfection? 

So what exactly is a Guinot Hydradermie? 

A Hydradermie facial is what we typically call an 'electrical facial' but don't that let it put you off. The treatment is extremely relaxing and pain free. Unlike traditional hands on facials which work on surface skin the Hydradermie uses mild galvanic currents to increase the penetration of both firming and moisturising products into the skin and also high frequency to stimulate circulation and oxygen within the skin. The mixture of currents allows the machine to create long lasting results deeper than the skins surface and is also perfect for all skin types as specific products are used in different ares to target concerns. 

Sun preparation and repair

Once you have experienced a Hydradermie facial and seen the results you will be hooked, an Hydradermie facial can be stand along to give the skin a boost or part of your normal beauty routine to correct any skin concerns. I love the Guinot treatment to aid in brightening my complexion while helping to keep blemishes at bay.

Alongside the classic Hydradermie is the 'Lift' facial to stimulate muscles, minimise the appearance of wrinkles and smooth the skin. The lift treatment is preformed as part of a course for maximum results then just monthly maintenance can be preformed.

Back in Norwich 

Beautiful view of Norwich 

Guinot has been hard to find in Norwich over the years as only trained therapists are allowed to have access to the brand which is important to keep standards high and thankfully Sophie at 'Best Beauty Norwich' is a Guinot expert. 

At 'Best Beauty Norwich' you will find the latest Guniot facial machine allowing Sophie to offer the classic Hydradermie, Hydradermie lift and the Deluxe Hydradermie. 
On offer is also the full Guinot retail allowing you to continue with the exceptional results at home. 
My favourite product is the BIOXYGENE moisturiser to help with radiance and protect from environmental factors and once you have tried Gommage Biologique you will not go back to any other exfoliant. 

At Best Beauty Sophie not only offers Guinot treatments but relaxing massage, waxing and manicures in a modern and relaxing setting. 
Best Beauty is situated as part of the Maids Head Hotel in Norwich and benefits from having on site parking so you can avoid the busy streets of Norwich. 

Manicure area 



Sophie is running a competition where you can win a full body massage and Guinot goody bag  totalling £95
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