Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Simply Soaps

Natural organic soaps made in Norfolk

 Why have I only just discovered them 

Simply soaps is a local company to me in Norwich; 5 miles down the road to be precise and has been in business for 20 years now creating bath, body and skincare that is all organic.

Simply soaps is proud to be organic and not just natural; there is a difference. For a final product to be 'organic' every aspect of the process from start to finish must also be organic with not even a drop of synthetic compounds or chemicals in sight.
For companies to achieve this it takes hard work and dedication which is why so many brands are happy to settle for just 'natural'.
Before descovering the brand I wasn't fully aware of the difference between the two labling and i'm sure I wasn't alone.

Being organic also means the products are perfect for even the most sensitive skin types as they don't contain the nasty chemicals and preservatives like many other brands.

The Soaps 

I have been lucky enough to try two of the gorgeous soaps from their range; Geranium Rose and Neroli.
The beauty of these soaps is the benefit of the essential oils within them. Not only are the soaps moisturising and smell amazing but the essential oil properties will have a benefit to your body and mind too. 
Unlike man-made fragrance's the essential oils will be still be there until the last shower so you will always have the gorgeous fragrance with every wash. 

Geranium Rose

Both these have been my all time favourite essential oils and compliment each other well for their balancing qualities not only on the mind and body but on the skin too.  I use this soap at night to relax and unwind before bed. 


Neroli essential oil is good for stress or anxiety so this uplifting bar will be perfect to get you through a work day as well as helping you de-stress at night. Neroli is also good for skin health so get rubbing. 

You will be surprised to know that even though these bars of soap are organic and hand made they are affordable with prices from just £2.79

Other Products 

Don't be fooled by the brand name as there is more to  'Simply Soaps' than soap. Check out these other products from there online store. 

Queen of Sheba, exfoliating facial wash grains £3.95 


'ZZZ' Herbal Lavender and orange blossom bath bags £4.50

Simply skinfood refreshing day cream moisturiser with Neroli £9.95 


Visit Simply Soaps today to see their full range of products and be sure to check out their own blog with interesting reading such as this post

 'The shocking truth about commercial skincare products' 

It really is shocking! 

Thank you for reading 

Leanne x


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