Thursday, March 23, 2017

Fitness Journey: 2

It's the 2nd log of my fitness journey and I'm feeling good....

I totally forgot that it was my weigh day the other week and didn't wear the same clothing as I think wearing the same gives you a good visual comparison as some clothes pull you in in different ways but my measurements were good.

My New Stats

Weight: 73kg
Body Fat: 33.8%
Waist: 69cm
L Thigh: 61cm
R Thigh: 61cm
R arm: 28cm
L Arm: 28cm
Hips: 87cm 
Bum: 109cm 

I am so pleased with my results so far and my new measurements have brought my waist down by 6cm in 8 weeks. My main concern is still my bum and thighs which haven't changed much so are still the main focus of my training.


I am still loosely following the slimming world plan but I'm struggling as I'm experimenting with food from various books such as 'Lean in 15' or 'Deliciously Ella' and it's not fitting with my syns allowance. I'm just about managing it but if I go slightly over I'm not too worried as I'm still getting results. 

This week I discovered a new food to me... Quark. I managed to find it in garlic and herb and it's totally fat free. I have added a small amount to sweet potato in the oven and it really does feel like a treat. I also bought the red pepper one and have added to pasta as a fat free sauce with lots of veg.


My PT Danielle has some new ankle weights at 5lb each. This week saw me stair climbing with ankle weights directly followed by weighted 'squat presses' it felt good and I could really feel my legs working. We also done some 'donkey kicks' with the weights and just 4 sets of 15 reps got me sweating. 

We have also spent a lot of time on abs to tone my core. We used the reclined bench and just a 5kg weight to carryout 4 reps of 15 sit ups... it was an absolute killer and I did let out a few squeals at times and if Danielle wasn't there is would have given up on the 3rd set but she pushes you to want to get that last rep done.

I nearly skipped the last two!

 The good thing about having a PT is not just them pushing you to work harder but to also to teach you how to carry out exercises to the achieve the maximum effects. I have only just found out that I have been doing side pulls wrong for years. The most effective method is to have closed legs and you use more of your core for balance. It's also best to keep the movement slow and not exaggerated like I have been doing and I could feel the difference straight away.

My target for the next few weeks 

For the next few weeks before my weigh-in Danielle has given me a diet plan to follow which is very much clean eating and works on low/high carb days and I've been warned its going to be tough. I'm really hoping on the new weigh in and picture day to see a big difference from my first picture as i will be at the 12 week mark. My weight goal is to be around 71kg and I'm hoping to loose some size at my thighs so i will be working hard at the gym on cardio for weight loss.

Thank you for reading 

See you soon for log 3



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