Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Clinique Fresh Pressed

Now your daily dose of vitamin C is applied directly to your skin with the launch of two exciting products. 

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of 'Fresh Pressed' by Clinique at Jarrolds in Norwich. I joined fellow beauty bloggers for a morning of brunch, gorgeous products and the fabulous beauty team that is Clinique to be the first to see the two new products within the line that boasts the power of vitamin C. 

I have worked with many different product houses within my beauty therapy career and still love being introduced to new ones; the fact that the main concern with my skin currently is aging and dullness means these products were made for me!  

Traditionally vitamin C is digested and the only time I ever think about the benefits of vitamin C is when I'm suffering a cold and it becomes my go-to supplement for it's immune boosting benefits but it's much more than that when applied to our skin.

Vitamin C is 20 times more powerful when applied directly to the skin and with this in mind Clinique have captured all the powerful goodness of the vitamin and created a 'Renewing Powder Cleanser' and 'Daily Booster' with pure vitamin C at their highest concentration to deliver powerful skin results including; instant brightening, smoothing, firming as well as minimising fine line and wrinkles. 

Renewing Powder Cleanser

I have never seen a cleanser in powder form before and love the design of daily sachets which will be prefect for travel and also stops you over using it and causing waste. 

1 sachet is mixed with water to activate the ultra fine powder and will be sufficient to cleanser your entire face leaving your skin refined, purified and brighter. The cleanser is recommended to be used in the morning to give you a boost for the day and if like me you like to use a skin brush for deeper cleansing the system works well with this too. 
The formula is non-drying and being in single use sachets protects the potency of the formula giving you the most powerful cleansing system every day. 

Daily Booster

Clinique have really pushed the beauty boundaries with this product. 
Pure vitamin C naturally degrades with oxygen so it is at its most powerful when fresh. The booster therefore is activated by breaking the seal to release the active vitamin C into an emollient that stays at maximum potency for 7 days. 

To use you simply mix two drops of the booster to your favorite moisturiser and massage into your skin. There is enough booster to be used morning and night for 7 days. If there is any remaining booster left you can continue to use but the powerful vitamin C will be reduced slightly. 
The booster feels absolutely lovely on your skin, you can really see your skin glow from the first use and even mixed with moisturiser your skin is left with a perfect base for make-up application for the day. 

Booster Facts 

After your first use of the booster you will instantly see a radiance and brightness will have increased by 36%. 
After just 4 weeks of use age spots are reduced by 21% so this product is perfect for those of us who love the sun and may have caused damage to our skin. 
By week 12 fine lines and wrinkles are reduced by 43% and age spots reduced by a further 11% to a 32%

What I also love about the launch of these products is the 7 day system. 
For just £25 you get 7 sachets of the cleanser and 1 tube of the daily booster so it's perfect to give your skin the ultimate treat and 'pick me up' 
The 7 days system can be introduce at any point alongside your existing beauty regime or alternatively this system can be used daily for longer lasting results. 

My morning with Clinique and Jarrolds was lovely and I have to give praise for the amazing food by the talented chefs at Jarrolds; it was all delicious, healthy and full of goodness to perfectly match the products. 

Delicious juice's... 

More delicious food... 

You can shop the 'Fresh Pressed' range here 

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