Sunday, February 26, 2017

My Fitness Journey

I have always wanted a better body and finally 2017 is the year I'm going to get it

I have decided to start this weekly blog to keep me on track, motivated and hopefully if you too are on your own fitness journey we can help each other. 

My fitness plan actually started on the 2nd January when I met with my PT Danielle. I have decided to have a PT session once a week as I have always gone to the gym but my body has never change which shows I was doing the wrong things or clearly now I realised I wasn't actually working out -hard enough.  On my first session with Danielle she took my measurements, weighed me and took my starting photos.

My Stating Stats

Height: 175 cm
Weight: 76.3 kg
Waist: 75 cm
Hips: 93.5 cm
Bum: 109 cm
L Arm 29 cm
R Arm 29.5
L thigh: 64.5 cm
R thigh: 65 cm
Shoulders: 106 cm
Body fat: 37.4% 

My Goals 

I know I am not over weight for my height and I'm really not trying to be ultra slim but my goal is to have tone and definition. I am off to a hen party in July to Marbs so I had given myself 7 months in total to achieve my goals. My body goals are to have a rounder bum and slimmer thighs, my bottom half is alot bigger than my top half, I am not in proportion at all. I would like to look strong and fit in my summer bikini.
My body idol is Anna Victoria, she has the perfect fitness body to me with definition in all the right places.

Picture Credit: Anna Victoria 


For my diet I decided to follow slimming world as I have many friends who have followed the plan and they have achieved great results and also maintained them. 
Slimming world has been easy to follow so far and according to my scales I have lost 7lb. 
I'm terms of weight loss I am hoping to go back to my pre-holiday weight last year as I felt really confident in my bikini which at this point is not so much. I know as I train more the weight loss will slow down and my PT has told me not to get too hooked on the scales but I'm finding it hard not too. I weighed myself yesterday and was instantly disappointed that nothing has changed from the week before but I'm trusting what she says and will wait for my next official weigh-in and measure in a few weeks. 


So as mentioned before I see Danielle once a week on a Monday morning and from my first session is was clear I have never worked out to my full potential before, I could hardly breath during the work out but it felt so good. I have learnt so much from my sessions. In between the PT sessions I work out 4 times per week focusing on what we have been doing the previous weeks. I have learnt that I hate lunges of any kind but I love deadlifts and squats.

So until next weeks update I'm am focusing on my diet more this week as I have been very bloated lately so I'm switching things up to see how I go. 

Are you on a fitness journey? I would love to hear your thought and tips. 

See you next week

Leanne x


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