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Best And Worst Beauty Buys 2016

With another year passing I look back at some of the best and worst beauty purchases for 2016...... 

The Best

Primark Oval Make-up Brushes 

These are most probably the cheapest oval make-u brushes on the market; they are certainly the cheapest make up brushes I own yet I love them. The larger of the brushes is my go to foundation brush.
The blending power of these is unbelievable, applying foundation has never been quicker or more flawless, they are very bendy so support the back as you work.

My go to foundation brush £4 

Grounded Body Scrub 

I found this product by chance in my local Boots after seeing it all over Instagram and I couldn't wait to try. I am now on my 3rd packet of the coconut one and my skin has never been softer. This is perfect for tan lovers as it removes all tan effectively and preps your skin prior to application. 
Watch my review earlier this year on this product here

Bondi Sands Fake Tan 

After using nearly ever brand of tan on the market I finally came across Bondi Sands for the first time back in October. I opted for this brand of tan as a few bloggers I followed had mentioned it so I thought I would try too.
I immediately loved this tan as the smell is gorgeous. The mousse formula blends easily and drys fast. I also love the fact that you only need to leave it on for as little as 1 hour so great for days when you can't spare sitting around for 8 hours. This tan is also very good at wearing off with no horrible dirty marks being left, I usually just scrub when it's starting to fade with the above body scrub and it's all removed ready for a fresh application. 

Shop the range here 

L'Oreal Pure Clay Face Mask 

I have only brought the Purity mask from the collection and it is lovey. The mask is only £5 so is well within budget. I love this mask because I feel it really improves my skin. If I have some spots appear I even dot a small amount onto the area before I go to bed and by morning my spots are a lot calmer in appearance. It really is my go to product... read my blog post on this product here 


So this isn't something you can go and buy from the high street, KeraStraight is a salon treatment worth it's weight in gold. I have naturally curly hair and for the past 15 years have had my hair chemically straightened 2-3 times per year which has understandable has taken it's toll.
I discovered KeraStraight from Charlene and after seeing her hair and the results I had to have it done too. Kerastraight is a hair smoothing treatment without the harsh nasty chemicals that were in my other straightening product. Say hello to healthy hair in the future! Read more an KeraStraight here.
My Mums lovely hair after KeraStraight 

Topshop Primer 

I have tried other primers but never been too convinced until I came across Topshop Airbrush primer. The primer glides on your skin leaving it the smoothest it has ever been. 
For everyday usage I use on specific areas such as my T-zone and nose, being oily in these areas my make-up tends to slide off easily and I find this makes my make-up last longer. 
This is ideal for all skin types and works great at smoothing out any dryer patches prior to foundation. 

Tangle Teezer 

I couldn't live without one of these especially when I have my hair extensions in. They glide over my extensions without any pulling to my hair. I use before washing my hair to free any tangles and again to brush through before drying. These compact ones are perfect for your handbag too as they have a hand bristle protector cover. 

And then the worst .....

So here is my round up of products that I wish I had left in the shop

L'Oreal Infallible Powder 

I brought two of these as they were on offer and I was attracted to the low price, big mistake. The main issue I had with this product was its texture; for me it was so thick to apply, it didn't blend well and I felt I was wearing a mask. The texture was also very chalky and it felt like my skin/pores were clogged; I literally lasted a few days and threw both out! 


I feel slightly bad for this as I'm sure it is a good product and I was just expecting too much but I was drawn into buying this teeth whitening system due to all the celebrity endorsements. I had clearly forgotten though that these celebrity's have professional whitened teeth and were most probably being paid to promote the brand. With the latter in mind after nearly two weeks of jaw ache swirling this product in my mouth for 15 minutes at a time and seeing no results I gave up.... in fact I still have some in my bathroom. 

Clarins Fake Tan 

I was brought this as a gift from my lovely boyfriend along with other Clarins products and while they were lovely the 'Delicious self tanning cream' was far from it. 
After applying your skin is left feeling very tacky for hours, it never seemed to dry. I found the product awkward to apply as not in a pump bottle and the smell was really not that delicious; even after you shower you are left with a noticeable fake tan smell and the worst part was I barely changed colour, all that effort for nothing.

Topshop Concealer Palette  

I brought this at the same time as the Airbrush primer and sadly this was no where near as good.
The 3 concealers are lovely shades but give very little coverage at all, I brought to mainly use under my eyes but it made no difference. I have used about 3 times now as I don't want to part with this straight away but sadly I was still not impressed. 
Balance Dragons Blood Face Cream 

Thankfully this was cheap as after my first application I had a bumpy rash on my neck and side of my face, I did use again as thought it may have been from something else but the rash only went down when I stopped using it.

So these was just a few of my good and bad beauty products. There were actually so many that I loved and i'm excited for what 2017 will bring to the beauty world.

What were your good and bad buys of 2016? 

Leanne x 


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