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Home Waxing: Veet Wax Strips

We have all read the stories of at-home waxing disasters and had a good old laugh at someone's expense: but is it really that bad?

I am qualified in waxing and carry it out on a daily basis within my job but sometime I just don't fancy dragging half the salon home with me and using pot wax can be messy when you 'DIY' 

What is Warm Waxing? 

There are many different methods of hair removal on the market but warm waxing is still the most popular choice for at home and in salon treatments.
Warm waxing is a method where wax is heated to a specific temperature and applied to the skin in the direction of the hair growth that you are working on.
A paper or fabric wax strip is then applied to stick to the wax and hairs  and is pulled off in the opposite direction to hair growth to remove the hairs.
Hairs need to be around 3mm to be removed from the skin as any shorter the wax may not be able to have a good enough grip pull them out.

My Experience

For my home waxing I chose 'Veet' wax strips for quickness, they work on the same principles as warm wax but with the wax already being on the strips. 
I was waxing my lower legs and I didn't find the process too bad. It is tricky waxing the back of your legs as you can not effectively see. 
I would suggest putting a towel down where you are working as the wax strips once pulled apart like to curl up slightly and you do not want to get wax on your furniture. 
Now unfortunately for some I have no funny stories or disasters to report as the wax went well; better than expected. My legs were left silky smooth and the treatment only works out at around £3. 

Strip Wax Application

Heating the strips

2 wax strips are stuck together so you need to rub between your hands to warm up allowing them to not only pull apart but to be able to stick to hairs. 
I opted to wrap my strips around my coffee cup, a hairdryer would also work well. 

Applying strips

As I was waxing lower legs I applied my first strip near the ankle with the larger lip area at the bottom to allow good grip to rip off. Rub the strip well with your hand to allow the wax to coat hairs. 
While supporting the skin rip the strip off in one motion from the ankle to knee direction. 
If you rip off 'with' the direction of hair growth you will find you will have the hairs still attached to your leg. 
Continue to apply the wax strips working in a methodical order. You will be able to use the same strip a few times before it is no longer able to remove hairs. 
In total for both legs I used 6 sets so 12 strips in total. 

Finishing Wipe and Aftercare 

Once you are happy you have removed all the hairs use one of the finishing wipes over the area to remove any traces of wax and soothe the skin 

With any hair removal treatment there is aftercare to follow to ensure you don't have any nasty reactions so keep clothing loose, don't apply other products to the area, avoid touching the area as you may transfer dirt into open pores and avoid heat treatments to the area also for 24 hours

Veet have many other at home waxing products and on their website is a handy tips section to help you with all your waxing needs. 

After the sucess of my legs I may try these strips on other areas 

Have you tried any home hair removal? 

Leanne x


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