Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The mini Lily

My first Mulberry and what really fits in a mini Lily? 

I have always looked at the Mulberry Lily with lust and finally I am now the proud owner of the mini Lily. Now the reason I was always attracted to the mini version of the Mulberry classic was the fact that it was mini. In my head I had styled that little bag with many imaginary outfits but I did always wonder what you could fit in it and it seems I wasn't the only one as since owning one it seems lots of people are asking me the same question. 

If you are at all thinking of purchasing the mini Lily then you have the option of the natural grain or Croc print. I was undecided of the two until they were side by side and the Croc finish was actually smaller in size, something I hadn't noticed before which had me questioning what I would fit in it even more.
I chose the natural small grain in Scarlet as I wanted a statement colour. 

The beautiful Mini Lily...

It fits so well in a hand....... 

The lily has 3 handy card compartments to save the space of bulky wallets. 

My bag essentials; Key wallet full of 6 keys for home and work, lipstick, phone and coin pouch that I also use for notes.

So here is the proof; you can fit all you need in the mini with a little room to spare without bulging the sides. I even managed to fit a packet of tissues in for my cold today. 

With my essentials in the bag the shape remained bulge free.
I am so glad I finally treated myself to one of these gorgeous bags, the craftsmanship of the bag is just perfect with beautifully finished leather and a long chain strap means it sits cross body in a comfortable position. 
When wearing this bag you can see and feel the luxury and I can now see I am going to be addicted as I would really love the Metallic Mushroom colour; I can even imagine how I would style it........ 
With Christmas sales now on you can purchase a mini lily in selected colours for £316 or shop the full range with prices from £375. 

On My Wish list

On my wish list Metallic Mushroom Goat 

 Shop the lily range here

Thank you for reading 

Leanne x



  1. Oooh the red one does look beautiful! I didn't know there was a difference in size between the croc and small grain one.

    1. Thank you. I didnt know until I was undecided at the till and saw them side by side so went for the bigger one to be able to fit my phone in it. The Croc finish is beautiful though.


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