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Why choose hairdressing as a career?

Have you ever thought of a career in hairdressing? I met with fellow blogger and hairdresser Zoe to get the insight into the hairdressing career. 

Hundreds of young male and females leave school every year and enrol onto a hairdressing course at college. A percentage of these learners join for the wrong reasons with 1 being it's an easy option but having worked at a college for the last 9 years I can safely say otherwise but I don't want to give a one sided view so I met fellow blogger and hairdresser Zoe to give you the low down on what choosing a career as a hairdresser really means. 


Zoe started studying hairdressing from the age of 14 with the 'Higher Diploma' which was a gcse equivalent qualification meaning Zoe was at college 1 day per week from school. The qualification has since changed numerous times and at many colleges is now not available at all.  After gaining this qualification Zoe left school and college and gained a position within a hairdressing salon as an apprentice. 

Why did you choose an apprenticeship over studying full time at college?

I was already working in the salon (Styella hair co) on Saturdays and I really enjoyed this. I enjoyed watching the other stylists and knew it was something I really wanted to do. I was lucky that once I completed my Diploma qualification the salon were able to offer me an apprenticeship in hairdressing which meant I would work in the salon 4 days at attend college 1 day per week. I liked this option as it meant I was still in a salon environment so I felt I would be able to learn more. The apprenticeship at the time was over two years and gave me a full NVQ level 2 in hairdressing. I know college would have been 1 year but being in salon watching other stylists on a daily basis and being around clients was something I enjoyed. 

Are you paid as an apprentice? 

Yes you get paid but I was on more when I was a Saturday girl. I was working full time hours and my pay worked out at about £2 something per hour. It's more now I'm sure but I wouldn't have earned anything at college and I really enjoyed it so I didn't mind. 

What part of hairdressing did you find the hardest? 

Standing on your feet all day is actually tiring, its long hours. Foiling was also hard, I felt I needed extra hands and it took ages, it looks so march harder that it is to get a foil in neat and with no seepage. There are also timings you need to work too and it takes lots of practice to reach this. Models can be hard to find; you are not allowed to work on tuition heads so you have to find models to work on and who are willing to be practiced on.
There are lots of assessments/exams so you need to keep on top of things and listen as they theory is far more in-depth that people imagine. You have to know and understand the structure of the hair to be able to understand how different colours react and also how they react to other chemicals that may be on the clients hair already. If you do not understand this you can cause serious damage. 

Why should people choose a career within the industry? 

It's such a lovely industry. You meet people all the time, you build regular client's who become more like friends, you hear lots of stories and it's a trade you can always take with you. It's a trade people will always need for years, when trends and fashions change everyone still needs a hair cut or colour  so it's a skill for life. 

Tips for people choosing to study or who are already studying. 

Don't let the negative get you down: You will at some point have a negative experience with a client, it happens to us all but you must never dwell on it. Learn from a mistake, try to understand how it went wrong but pick yourself up, everyone makes mistakes and sometimes you also can't please everyone.

Don't give up: While studying you may not pass every assessment every time so take on board the feedback from your assessor, practice and do it again. 

Keep up to date: Keep up with trends and styles. I like to read blogs and trade magazines to keep up with the latest products, colours and styles. You never want a client coming in knowing more of what is going on than you. 

Zoe's favourite hair products 

Babyliss hair wand £25

Toni and guy sea salt spray £7.81

Thank you for reading. 

Leanne x


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  1. good write up, the best thing for hair dressers would be if they love hairdressing as a profession.


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