Sunday, September 4, 2016

Twin 1: Leanne

I have always been known as one of the 'Twins' but here is what makes me Leanne....

So I'm one of a twin, the eldest twin by 7 minutes to be fact, I used to be so proud of those extra minutes; The older im getting not so much. 
The only time I have been totally away from Charlene was when I went to college to study beauty therapy and Charlene choose a hairdressing apprenticeship, it was nice to be a single person. 
From college I went to work at Sprowston Manor Hotel in the spa called 'La Fontana' I loved working there for 6 years, it was such a lovely environment with the other therapists and hotel life in general, there were so many funny stories, always something going on. 

It was when I left the spa that I joined Norwich City College teaching and within my first year Charlene joined the teaching staff and we were once again back together and have been for the last 9 years. Along side teaching Charlene and I both own our own hair and beauty salon which is amazing. I literally love going to work every day with my clients, it doesn't even feel like work sometimes.  I love owning the salon as we get to choose products and brands we believe in and trust and just just brands we are paid to work with. 

So now about me: 


I live in a Small two bed coach house which is basically an apartment above garages with a garden. I live with my boyfriend Mike of 7 years, our two cats Simba and Coby and loads of fish (apparently he was allowed a tank when I got the cats... I had never pre-agreed to that) 
I love my house though now feel that we are growing out of it and we have collected stuff; by stuff I mean we have a weights bench in the spare room and an exercise bike in the living room and my computer lives on my dining table as there is no room else where.
I would love to live in a barn conversion and depress myself by looking at houses online that I can't afford but it's good motivation to work hard in the hope that one day I will. 

Simba and Coby 

I love to spend money and should really start to save but there is always something that catches my eye that I have to have. I love Topshop and Zara and everyday I have to cut through Primark to get to work so it would be rude not to browse or purchase from time to time.
Most of my clothes are brought in the salon..... I actually do mean they were in the salon too; its not just a line  say to Mike. 

I'm am constantly worrying about my weight and bikini body; I would love nothing more that to look like Michelle Lewin but it will never happen so I will continue to work out and eat in moderation while never actually changing in appearance.
My hair is never long enough, I don't think it grows and I'm always after whiter teeth, slimmer calf's and pert bum. 


Ibiza 2016 

I would love to travel more; from my limited travel I have fallen in love with Ibiza and visited the island 3 times now, I have promised myself that I will one day live there, hopefully 'Cala Bassa' and myself and Mike will work as diving instructors (It's a good dream)
On my travel list there is Islamorada, Honolulu and Bora Bora.... I may need to stop spending and get saving for these I know.

I can sometimes feel anxious, anxious for no reason really, worrying I'm on the right path in life.... I guess I will find out.

I have loads of loves in life so I will list a few

My Boys (cats)
Sunshine and Flowers 
Films; Sex and the city is literally the best thing I have been brought 
Animals (Indian food
Anything beauty related..........

Spiders.... just spiders 

So that's just a snip of me; Leanne 

Thank you for reading 


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