Sunday, September 11, 2016

Leanne Loves: September Issue

I'm calling this my loves of the moment as I can be fickle and I always say ' I love that' 

Sons of Anarchy 

So I know this has been out ages and I'm slow to catch on but I have now discovered the series and I'm hooked. I'm hooked for the main reason being that I love Jax... Lets just dream about Jax for a few moments........... I am at that point where it hits 12 midnight and I desperately want to put another episode on but I'm fighting to keep awake. I can't give too much away apart from its about a motorcycle club (you must not say motorcycle gang) and they say 'Jesus Christ; a whole lot. If you are like me and are yet to catch on then head to Netflix for the box set. 

'Jax' Sons of Anarchy

St Tropez Tan 

Now I trained in St Tropez tanning at my first beauty job and after a few years I fell out of love for it as I felt it wore off the skin uneven but i have recently brought the tanning mousse and love it again (I may just be better at applying it) It goes on so even and blends amazingly. I have had lots of people comment on my lovely colour so I'm sticking with it. I like to head to Boots to stock up as I love collecting their points and they often have great offers on the St Tropez range. If you want an extra dark tan opt for the darker tanning mousse. 

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte 

I was so excited to receive an email from Starbucks telling me I could get the pumpkin spice latte in August! This is my all time favourite drink. I will now be sipping these constantly until they run out; I am just telling myself that they are low in calories. 

My all time favourite drink. 


I have always worn eyeliner, I was wearing liquid eyeliner even when it wasn't fashionable to wear it but I'm loving liner flicks. I feel that I can now do an acceptable liner flick that matches on both eyes (it only taken years) and I can achieve the look, be it subtle without having sore eyes where I have had to keep wiping bits off. I am now looking into expanding the winged look by buying sticker to use as a template that I have seen online. My go-too liner at the moment is 'Seventeen' wet look liner in black, the tip is easy to control and it stays put all day with a glossy finish. 

Short nails 

I know... would you ever think I would say this. I have this month converted to a short nail. The reason I am loving this is it its so nice to feel keyboard keys, bang a nail without the fear of ripping a finger off and removing creams from pots without having a weeks worth under my nails. I'm maintaing my short nails with Bio Sculpture overlays to keep them looking groomed and lovey. I'm not sure how long this love will last but for now its a good relationship. 

Bio Sculpture Evo gel 


I once considered a T-shirt too casual and a good accessorie to stop fake tan rubbing on my bed sheets but I now love them. I love styling with skirts or tucking into jeans. 

'Own it' T-Shirt £5 Primark 

Thank you for reading my September 'Loves' I have to go now to watch Sons of Anarchy aka Jax  

Leanne x 


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