Sunday, August 14, 2016

Patch Work Jeans

Have you ever seen the perfect item of clothing, obsessed about it all day to search online and find out it has a price tag of over £1000, well that was me this week so I decided to put my sewing skills to the test. 

I am so obsessing over the patch trend. I love the jackets and jeans and the above item was Gucci pair of jeans with a price tag of £1400 which is way out of my league. 
Scanning the high street there are some affordable versions and here are my top finds. 

RiverIsland £48 

Topshop £55

ASOS £55

The Gucci Jeans £1400 


If you fancy being creative you can easily make a pair of these patch jeans yourself.
There are hundreds of creative patches out there, I brought mine from my local hobbie craft with prices from just £1.

I didn't want to go too crazy so opted for just 6 in various designs. For my jeans I decided on Primark's MOM fit for just £13. I like the slightly higher waste and looser fit at the ankle to allow for a good turn up for casual styling.
Now comes the tricky part, deciding on the patch placement. The patches I brought were iron on but i also added a few stitches to each one for added security.

End Result for just £27

Top: Primark   Shoes: Topshop

Thank you for reading

Leanne x


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  1. Your pics is awesome and your outfit! is very good. your sewing style is good. Keep sharing and posting.


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