Thursday, August 25, 2016

L'Oreal Clay Masks

If your skin needs some TLC then turn to these £5 masks from L'Oreal

I have loved a face mask since I mixed my first clay mask back at college 16 years ago. I remember my favourite being rose water and chamomile as it was the only one that didn't leave my skin bring pink and smelt amazing. I have now grown up to appreciate a face mask not for pleasant smells but for what benefits it actually brings to my skin (or helps draw out of it in some cases).
I have tried hundreds of masks from a high price point to a low; from peel off to basically burn your skin off and I always come back to a good old clay. 

Earlier this spring saw L'Oreal launched 3 new clay masks to their skin care range and with a price tag of only £5 they are an affordable addition to your existing skincare regime. 
Within the range are Purity, Detox and Glow. 

Purity contains 3 clays to draw out impurities and allow the skin to breath and leaves your skin with a matte texture that is non drying perfect for oily/congested skins. 

Detox: Along side the 3 clays there is black charcoal know and used for centuries due to its oil drawing action and also spot prevention. This mask works deep into the pores and detoxes you skin due to the deep cleansing action. 

Glow: Contains red algae to brighten and apricot seeds to exfoliate and will leave dull skin glowing. 

The Test Patch 

If you are not sure on what mask is best for you then try one of these handy test patches. Simply remove a patch and apply to your skin in the designated areas and match to your mask. 

From my test patch below you can see that my skin in the T-Zone is very oily while other areas could be oily or detox. I opted for the Purity clay mask to drawn out any impurities and leave my skin with a matte texture. 

Test patching my skin 

My completed test patches 


Apply a thin layer of your chosen mask to cleansed skin or if you are using a combination of masks then apply to specific areas. Leave on your skin for 5 - 10 minutes. You will feel you skin tighten as the clay mask dries on the skin. Using a warm damp face cloth press onto your skin to allow the mask to loosen on your skin and wipe away without pulling at the skin. 

After my mask my skin didn't feel tight from dryness but soft and hydrated without the greasiness my skin usually has after only a few minutes. 

I use this mask once weekly for my skin but for more problematic skin this can be used 2-3 times weekly and at just £5 will see you through around 10 applications. 

Complete your skincare routine with your chosen moisturiser.

To shop the mask range click here 

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

KeraStraight: The hair saviour

If you have hair you wish you could manage more easily then look to KeraStraight

What is KeraStraight?

KeraStraight is a smoothing treatment that will help repair, straighten and smooth the hair from root to tip. KeraStraight is not a chemical so will not cause any damage to your hair. If you feel you hair is dry, damaged, thick, unmanageable or frizzy you would benefit from this treatment. If you style your hair curly you can still do so after this treatment it would just help reduce the bulk and frizz that you may normally have. If you have curly hair that you straighten all the time this would help smooth out the curls making it easier to manage. 

How Long Does it Last?

With the correct aftercare it can last up to 4 months

What does the treatment involve?

1) Your hair is washed with KeraStraigh shampoos and pre-treatment sprays in preparation for the serviced to take place

2) The KeraStraight treatment is applied to the hair and then covered with a cap and left on for up to 45 minutes

3) The treatment is then rinsed from the hair and conditioned 

4) Hair is then dried 

5) Heat controlled straighteners are then used to seal in the treatment. They will be set according to your hair condition

6) The treatment is now complete and you will have super shiny, healthy and smooth hair

How much does it cost

The treatment takes around 3 hours and costs £150. Very long and thick hair will cost an additional £25


1) You are able to wash your hair after 30 minutes. When washing your hair for the first time you must make sure you rinse it before applying the shampoo for 3-5 minutes first.  

2) You must use sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioners as ones containing this can actually reduce the effects of KeraStraigh meaning it will not last up to 4 months. 

3) You are able to colour your hair 2 days before or 2 days after this treatment.

4) If you are using the Olaplex step 3 at home it is still safe to use it after the KeraStraight treatment 

What is my experience of KeraStraight?

My hair is naturally curly and i normally have it chemically straightened but that has been damaging my hair. I've recently had the KeraStraight treatment done and my hair has never been this smooth or easy to manage. It hasn't straightened the curls out completely as its not a chemical but it has dramatically smoothed the curl meaning it is easier to manage. I normally have to spend ages blow drying it and then going over with the straighteners but I am now able to blast it dry and then just glide over with the straighteners. The end result is much smoother and glossier than before. 

My before and after

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Primark Mac You Need To Own

Don't be fooled by the summer month.... now is the best time to buy your perfect Autumn Mac. 

Primark: Mac £25, Mom jeans £13, Hat £4 (sale) 

A classic mac coat will see you through many Autumn seasons but if the thought of a beige mac sounds a bit dull then head to Primark where they have started to introduce their Autumn Winter collections. 
This is the perfect time of year to start stocking up on those key pieces as leaving it too late in Primark and they will sure to have sold out or not have your size. 
While in my local Primark recently I spotted this amazing Khaki coat. It's perfect for cooler days due to its light weight fabric but will also work perfect for weeks ahead by layering over a polo neck. 
The detailing on this coat sees turned up sleeves with a silky inner lining and tie waist belt. 
This coat will sell fast so head to your nearest Primark now. 

I styled the look with Primark 'Mom' jeans £13, a Zara bodysuit £12 and Very Exclusive heals £29. 

Style with 

Primark £10 

Primark 2 in 1 dress £10 

Blue Pinafore £12.00

To shop Primark coats visit their website

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Patch Work Jeans

Have you ever seen the perfect item of clothing, obsessed about it all day to search online and find out it has a price tag of over £1000, well that was me this week so I decided to put my sewing skills to the test. 

I am so obsessing over the patch trend. I love the jackets and jeans and the above item was Gucci pair of jeans with a price tag of £1400 which is way out of my league. 
Scanning the high street there are some affordable versions and here are my top finds. 

RiverIsland £48 

Topshop £55

ASOS £55

The Gucci Jeans £1400 


If you fancy being creative you can easily make a pair of these patch jeans yourself.
There are hundreds of creative patches out there, I brought mine from my local hobbie craft with prices from just £1.

I didn't want to go too crazy so opted for just 6 in various designs. For my jeans I decided on Primark's MOM fit for just £13. I like the slightly higher waste and looser fit at the ankle to allow for a good turn up for casual styling.
Now comes the tricky part, deciding on the patch placement. The patches I brought were iron on but i also added a few stitches to each one for added security.

End Result for just £27

Top: Primark   Shoes: Topshop

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