Sunday, July 3, 2016

Beauty Saver

We all face times when we can't quite stretch to that £40 bronzer or £50 bottle of perfume so here are my top pics when it comes to beauty savings. 

The Make-up Sponge 


Beauty Blender £13.50

Beauty Save

I found these great mini beauty sponges for just £2.99 from 'Just essentuals' 
These are perfect for blending smaller make-up areas such as under eyes or unwanted spots. 

Mini Power puffs 

Bronze and Glow 


Shimmer Brick £33

Hoola £23.50

Beauty Save 

W7 Honolulu 

Honolulu gives your skin a gorgeous matte bronzed finish for just £5.95 by W7. 
If you prefer shimmer this Seventeen highlighter will make your skin glow. Blend your brush across all shades or pic out your perfect hue; these also work well as eye colours. 

Summer scent 


Chanel Chance £49.00 

Beauty Save 

poker perfume £3.99 

I found this perfume range while browsing 'Just Essentials' one month and just loved this scent. Its obviously not as punchy as Chanel but people do comment on the fruity scent and at just £3.99 is prefect to top up throughout the day without breaking the budget. 

The Eye Palette


Naked Palette £23

Beauty Save 

This W7 matte eye palette is perfect for all eye colours and ages. 6 blendable colours to create a subtle or bold look. 

In the mood W7 £6.95

If you have found a beauty saver product I would love to hear about it so please comment below

Thank you for reading 

Speak soon 

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