Monday, June 6, 2016

Rimmel in Shower Tan

I'm always on the hunt for a more quick and convenient way to tan that doesn't involve me covering my bed sheets in towels and laying like a star fish. 

I recently tried and tested the St Tropez in Shower Tan with positive results and if you haven't seen the video you can watch it below.

I spotted the Rimmel in shower tan in Superdrug and thought I'd give it a go as a cheaper alternative to the St Tropez one.  Priced at £9.99 for 200mls it's £5 cheaper than its competitor. 

The instructions say wash with your regular shower gel then apply this product to wet skin then rinse off and pat yourself dry. It didn't however state how long to leave the product on before showering unlike St Tropez which states no more than 3 minutes. It does say 1 minute express application but does that mean rub all over for a minute then rinse or it only takes one mins to apply it? Come on Rimmel be more specific. I did tweet Rimmel to ask but didn't get a reply so I decided to free style. 

Below is how I applied it and what I thought. 

Step by step application 

1) As a regular tan user...that sounds like I should be admitted to a clinic... I've learned that it's always best to exfoliate prior to tanned so i did this first. 

2) I then turned off the shower and patted my skin with a towel to remove excess water...I learned from the St Tropez application that if the skin is dripping wet it dilutes the tan too much therefore losing its strength.

3) I the applied the tan all over starting from head to toes with just my bare hands. 

4) I then washed the palms of my hands under the tap and dried them on a towel. 

5) This is where I was confused but I decided to wait 5 minutes before showering it off. It's at this point that's it's nothing like the St Tropez which washes off easily. This was like I had rubbed cooking fat all over and the water was just beading off my skin. 

6) After realising it doesn't wash off I got out and just patted myself dry and put my PJ's on.

 At this point I couldn't tell I had put anything on my skin and there wasn't much off that soggy biscuit tan smell that you usually get. 

Result day...

When ever I try out a new tan I wake the next day with batted breath to see what colour I am and to be honest I wasn't expecting much but it came out lovely. It looked like I had applied a proper tan. It states it a gradual tan so you need to use more to build the colour but I had a definite colour difference. I loved it

Maybe because I applied to only damp and not soaking wet skin and left it 5 minutes but talk about hassle free tanning. It's brilliant!! I even sent Leanne pics as I was so impressed.

I must confess that I forgot about applying to the tops of my feet which you can see in the picture below but at least you can see the difference it made. 

Have you tried any other in shower tans hand had good results? If so comment below

Speak soon C x 

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