Thursday, May 5, 2016

Le Vernis

Chanel have not only re-branded Le Vernis but have also launched a gel top coat that leaves other brands in the shade

If you are not a Chanel beauty addict like me you may not be in the know that the 'Le Vernis' has been re-branded with the bottle looking as classic and chic as ever and introduced 'Le gel Coat' a tops coat that leaves nails with a gel effect finish. 

Le Vernis now consists of 14 main line shades with seasonal varnishes also being launched. Le Vernis regulars will be pleased to see some of the classic colours made the cut to the main line, Rouge Noir being mine. 

Le Vernis colours 

167 Ballerina - Sheer pale pink (good for natural finish) 
506 Camelia - Hot deep pink  
512 Mythique - Deep red 
504 Organdi - pale nude pink 
508 Shantung - Bright pinky red
505 Particuliere - Beige nude 
522 Monochrome - Pale grey 
08 Pirate - Classic deep red 
500 Rouge Essentiel - Bright red 
510 Gitane - Bright orange red 
514 Roubachka - Deep purple 
18 Rouge Noir - Cherry black 
516 Mariniere - Deep blue 
520 Garconne - Taupe 

The re-branding didn't just stop at the packaging and the colour line, the product had been re-formulated too. The new formula helps protects the nails, improve nail quality and gives a longer lasting finish. 

Le Gel Coat 

Well what can I say, I was literally running to the counter to get my hands on this product and with my local counter only have 2 left I clearly wasn't the only one. 
I have always previously used 'Le Top Coat' which gives shine and dries quickly but move over I'm now loving the gel top coat. 

'Le Gel Coat' has a chunkier brush covering a larger nail area and the varnish has a much thicker consistency much like a gel. Le gel paints on smooth and gives your nails a flawless finish, super high shine and strength giving your favourite Chanel polish staying power; what more could we want?

Rouge Noir finished with Le gel Coat 

To browse the Le vernis colours visit Chanel

What is you favourite Chanel colour? 

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