Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hair Accessories

The Hair accessory is back..... in a good way 

I loved hair accessories when I was younger thanks to Sarah Michelle Gellar circa 90's  
I had them all, banana clips, fluffy clips and not to mention butterfly clips were you had to wear all 20 at once as nothing less would do. My hair was not finished without the need for an accessory; my Saturdays were spent stocking up on the latest fashion hair must have ready for school the following week..... so move forward to 2016 and they are back in full force thanks to Topshop, think plastic flowers and glitter fruit clips and for the more glamorous fashionista's out there you will love the silver and gold hair rings and cuffs. 

My favorite pieces from the Topshop collection 

These clips wont just keep your stray hairs aways but will make the right fashion statement. 

How gorgeous are these hair rings? loop through sections of your up-do or simply work in with braids. 

 I loved these hair cuffs and brought these for myself 

These plastic flowers are ideal for festivals 

Prices from £5 in store 

My style 

I added my hair cuffs to my basic half up half down hairstyle. I love these as they are super easy to use and just simple bend apart to be added to your hair; I can't wait to add them to my braided styles. I may even be daring enough for the plastic flowers. 

Speak soon 

Leanne x


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