Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A girly pamper day.....

Every girl needs a pamper and we did just that this week

The lovely St Giles Hotel 

Who loves nothing better than a good old pamper session with their bestie?? hands up we do and we did just that this week by visiting the lovely St Giles Spa situated within the gorgeous St Giles Hotel
Myself and Charlene were treated to OPI gel polish nails on the fingers and toes and despite working in the beauty industry I have never had this brand of gel on my nails before so I was excited to see the results. Now if you are no good with making decisions then you'll find choosing a colour hard... there were 84 OPI gel colours to choose from from nude to pink; blue to green. 
I took inspiration from my therapists lovely manicured nails and opted for blue with glitter; Charlene is not a glitter fan but also chose a blue shade. 

Just a few of the colours on offer at St Giles Spa 

Our treatments took place in the same room which is great if you are after a girly natter while you're pampered. While my trotters (I have horrible feet) were made pretty Charlene's fingers are under pampering. Cuticles were pushed back and trimmed, nails shaped and gel applied to a perfect finish and the best thing about gel polish is that's it is dry as soon as its finished so bye bye smudge nails.

The spa room is gorgeous, bringht and relaxing and the therapists are very welcoming, friendly and highly trained. 

Smudge free nails were a good thing today asafter our nails treatments were finished we were then shown to the lounge for afternoon tea. I have eaten at St Giles hotel several times before and it is just lovely, the service is the best in Norwich by far. 

When it comes to afternoon tea St Giles offers a wide chose, Traditional, Champagne and Specialty to name a few.  We choose traditional tea with cafetiere coffee. 
Our traditional tea was a real feast of finger sandwiches, cheese and fruit scone with jam and clotted cream, an individual Victoria sandwich and a selection of mini treats. The afternoon tea was beautifully presented on an tea stand and I'm not sorry to say I ate it all and Charlene was defeated by a scone which was boxed up to save for later. 

This Victoria sandwich was amazing 

During the lunch the waiter topped up our waters and re-filled our coffees, their customer attention is just perfect, everyone eating was given the same high standard of service and as we were enjoying out lunch we were planning when we could return! 

St Giles Spa offers monthly beauty packages that are pefrect for friends or just some one to one pampering. Check out Junes pick and mix selection. 
If you are interested in adding in afternoon tea to make a real day of it you can find there menu here

Speak soon

Leanne x


Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Beauty Tag

I have never done a beauty tag before and to be honest I wasn't sure what one was until the beautiful
Zoe Cockell tagged us in one. You can read her beauty tag and blog by clicking the link here.

So here goes...

1) If you could have anyone in the world do you makeup who would it be? 

At the moment it would be Dita Von Tease. I purchased her book entitled 'Your Beauty Mark'  a few months back and since then I'm in awe of her commitment to beauty. She often does her own makeup for events so I would love her to work her eclectic glamour on me. 

2) What's your top beauty tip 

Always moisturise before applying your foundation. Not only does it provide a great make up base but it hydrates and plumps up the skin helping give a flawless finish. If you find that your face cream leaves the skin too greasy then you may be using the wrong one for your skin type.  

3) What's one skin care item you couldn't live without

At the moment I would have to say Declor iris night balm. I suffer with hay fever which means I'm always blowing my nose so the skin around that area is often dry. The iris night balm is oil based so instantly hydrates and soothes the area. Its designed to drip feed into the skin so by morning any signs of dryness have gone. Keeping the skin hydrated helps to minimize the appearance of fine line. I also use it a lip balm 

4. What are you worst at when it comes to make up.

Like most people I'd have to say the winged liquid eye liner. I'll get one eye perfect then the other is a nightmare to match up. I go from one eye to the other and before you know it I look like I've been attacked with a permanent marker. I'm much better with a Kohl pencil so I tend to do that first as guide and put the liquid on top for a bold finish. 

5. What's the biggest pet peeve when it comes to make up?

Probably the above. I also hate seeing mascara on the eyelid. When I'm not wearing lash extensions I too sometimes get mascara on the eye lid, especially when I'm getting right into the lash line but I always make sure I have a cotton but handy to clean up the area. 

6. What's your favourite make up era?

I love vintage glamour and my favourite would be the 1920's. Think 'Great Gatsby' with a dark eye, reddish brown lip with the Cupid's bow accentuated. Being from a hairdressing background I also love the finger waved hair. 
Clara Bow 1920's American actress 

7. What is your 'guilty pleasure' product?

Soleil Tan De Chanel. It's a cream based bronzer that gives a beautiful matt finish and is easy to blend. I use this all year round to give me a healthy glow.

8. What is your 'underdog' product?

I've spent so much on mascara's over the years and find they never quite deliver on what they claim to do. My underdog product is not really a product so maybe classed as cheating but it has to be the lash lift. I swear that if you have this done you can wear any mascara and your lashes will look amazing. The lash lift is basically perming your lashes so that they lift up from the root. This is obviously not something you can do yourself but is offered by lots of salons. It lasts 4 to 6 weeks and makes mascara application much quicker. 

9. What is your favourite product of 2015? 

Mac 'eye brow' pencil in colour spiked. It's brilliant at getting brush stroke hairs and so precise when creating a defined eyebrow shape. The only downside is that I find it doesn't last long but I can't find any copy cat product that comes close to this.

Hope you enjoyed my first beauty tag.

Speak soon C x 


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hair Accessories

The Hair accessory is back..... in a good way 

I loved hair accessories when I was younger thanks to Sarah Michelle Gellar circa 90's  
I had them all, banana clips, fluffy clips and not to mention butterfly clips were you had to wear all 20 at once as nothing less would do. My hair was not finished without the need for an accessory; my Saturdays were spent stocking up on the latest fashion hair must have ready for school the following week..... so move forward to 2016 and they are back in full force thanks to Topshop, think plastic flowers and glitter fruit clips and for the more glamorous fashionista's out there you will love the silver and gold hair rings and cuffs. 

My favorite pieces from the Topshop collection 

These clips wont just keep your stray hairs aways but will make the right fashion statement. 

How gorgeous are these hair rings? loop through sections of your up-do or simply work in with braids. 

 I loved these hair cuffs and brought these for myself 

These plastic flowers are ideal for festivals 

Prices from £5 in store 

My style 

I added my hair cuffs to my basic half up half down hairstyle. I love these as they are super easy to use and just simple bend apart to be added to your hair; I can't wait to add them to my braided styles. I may even be daring enough for the plastic flowers. 

Speak soon 

Leanne x


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Le Vernis

Chanel have not only re-branded Le Vernis but have also launched a gel top coat that leaves other brands in the shade

If you are not a Chanel beauty addict like me you may not be in the know that the 'Le Vernis' has been re-branded with the bottle looking as classic and chic as ever and introduced 'Le gel Coat' a tops coat that leaves nails with a gel effect finish. 

Le Vernis now consists of 14 main line shades with seasonal varnishes also being launched. Le Vernis regulars will be pleased to see some of the classic colours made the cut to the main line, Rouge Noir being mine. 

Le Vernis colours 

167 Ballerina - Sheer pale pink (good for natural finish) 
506 Camelia - Hot deep pink  
512 Mythique - Deep red 
504 Organdi - pale nude pink 
508 Shantung - Bright pinky red
505 Particuliere - Beige nude 
522 Monochrome - Pale grey 
08 Pirate - Classic deep red 
500 Rouge Essentiel - Bright red 
510 Gitane - Bright orange red 
514 Roubachka - Deep purple 
18 Rouge Noir - Cherry black 
516 Mariniere - Deep blue 
520 Garconne - Taupe 

The re-branding didn't just stop at the packaging and the colour line, the product had been re-formulated too. The new formula helps protects the nails, improve nail quality and gives a longer lasting finish. 

Le Gel Coat 

Well what can I say, I was literally running to the counter to get my hands on this product and with my local counter only have 2 left I clearly wasn't the only one. 
I have always previously used 'Le Top Coat' which gives shine and dries quickly but move over I'm now loving the gel top coat. 

'Le Gel Coat' has a chunkier brush covering a larger nail area and the varnish has a much thicker consistency much like a gel. Le gel paints on smooth and gives your nails a flawless finish, super high shine and strength giving your favourite Chanel polish staying power; what more could we want?

Rouge Noir finished with Le gel Coat 

To browse the Le vernis colours visit Chanel

What is you favourite Chanel colour? 

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Spa at St Giles

There are many spas far and wide but sometime it's what you have on your doorstep that's a little piece of heaven..

Welcome The Spa at St Giles 

Reception Area

Okay so if you don't live in Norwich it's a little far to travel but for those of us who do 'The Spa' is a wonderful haven offering Elemis spa rituals alongside traditional beauty treatments. 

The Spa has been open for some time and has recently undergone a refurbishment transforming what was once a traditional environment to something more serene. With burning candles, soft lighting and incense burning to capture and relax all your senses. 
Elemis rituals are top of the menu here offering facials such as; Superfood pro-radiance, High performance skin energiser and body treatments including the Elemis fennel cleansing cellulite and colon therapy. With prices from £60 for an hours facial and £45 for an hours body massage these services are not out of reach. 

Retail area 

My Treatment Experience

I opted for the 'Free Style Deep Tissue Massage' and after completing my record card Danielle my therapist led me to my treatment room; low lighting, flickering candles and relaxing music set a therapeutic tone. 
The free-style massage means just that, you can choose the areas you wish to have worked on for the 1 hour appointment. I chose the traditional full body massage to cover all areas. 

The treatment started with my feet being cleansed using hot scented mitts before a dry body brush was used on my back to prepare the skin. 
After the body brushing Elemis 'Cellutox Active Body Oil' was applied and the massage covered my back, arms and neck. The massage used a combination of hands and forearms to give a deep pressure. After this section of the massage Elemis 'Instant Refreshing Gel' was then massaged into my skin leaving a cooling refreshing feeling prior to being covered in towels and blankets before other areas being worked. 
What sets this massage apart from many other massages I have had in the past is the attention to detail and care of the therapist. Each area to be worked is uncovered and the previous area wrapped in towels to prevent you feeling cold; wheat packs were applied to my eyes for added relaxation; Elemis Skin Nourishing Body Lotion was rubbed in to my feet after the leg massage for extra hydration and prevent them feeling greasy after the treatment. Danielle selected a different oil for my shoulders, Elemis 'Musclease Active Body Oil' for its muscle soothing properties and with an application of the refreshing gel over the area I was left totally revived. 

After leaving from my massage I walked away feeling totally pampered, my skin smelling amazing, muscles worked and most of all wanting to walk back in to have the treatment all over again. 

Double treatment room 

Manicure and Waxing room 

Why 'The Spa'

The therapists: highly trained and friendly

The Spa: Just walking through the glass doors will have you in a relaxed state

The Treatments: Elemis products and attention to detail tailored for you

The Price: 1 hour Elemis treatments starts from £45

Tibetan Tingsha bells used at the end of your treatment 

Did you know? 

The Spa at St Giles offers 'Massage Mondays' were you can have my massage for just £30

Follow The spa at St Giles on Twitter  for updates and special offers 

To view The Spa full treatment menu 

* Offer subject to change 

Speak soon 
Leanne x 

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