Monday, April 18, 2016

Jamberry Nail Wraps

The New Nails Wraps Are In Town

If you know me then you will know I love nails. It's not only my day job but my passion. I have worked with and trained with many leading brands so I was extremely excited to find Jamberry nails land on my door step. 

Jamberry nails was founded by 3 sisters after finding nail salons slow and expensive. Jamberry has been going strong in the US for 4 years and has now hit the UK shores with hopes to revolutionize the UK nail industry. Jamberry nails is a durable nail wrap that is heated and applied to the natural nails, there are 300 hundred designs to choose from in 7 different finishes. 

Each design sheet allows you to create 2 pedicure treatments, 2 manicure treatments and 8-16 accent nails depending on the size and length of your natural nails. 

My Jamberry wraps and feature nail wraps

Ready for application... nail file missing, I recommend a glass file as kinder on the natural nails.


I promise Jamberry nails are easy to apply. Here are my steps for the perfect application. 

  1. Shape your natural nails to desired length and wipe with nail polish remover to remove any natural oils that may prevent the wraps from bonding to the nails.
  2. Using an orange wood stick remover a wrap from the sheet and measure against your nails. (You may need to trip along one edge with nail scissors to achieve the perfect fit)
  3. Using a hairdryer gently heat your wrap on the sticky side. You only need to do this for a few seconds. 
  4. Once heated apply to your nail, the wrap has stretch so you can smooth out any ridges, stretch the wrap over the free edge of your nail for a tight bond.
  5. Trim off the excess length and save for other nails.
  6. To perfect the look use a nail file to remover the excess wrap at the free edge. Use a downward motion as you file. 
  7. Apply heat and press over the nail to ensure the wrap is well adhered to the nail. 

My finished nails. 

Measuring up for my toes


The wraps should last for up to two weeks with good care; by that I mean wearing your rubber gloves with the washing up.

  1. Use an orange wood stick or you thumb nail to lift the free edge of the wrap to break the seal. 
  2. Soak your nails in a glass bowl of polish remover.
  3. After 30 seconds your wraps will start to slide off. 
  4. Wash your hands to remover residue and your ready for a fresh application. 

Jamberry Juniors

What makes Jamberry different from other nail brands is that they offer wraps for children too. Okay you could just use any of the designs but they offer 27 designs is a size perfect for he little ones, think cute pandas, florals and pretty pink designs. 

To find out more, browse designs and purchase contact Jolene Green 

If you have tried these lovely nail wraps then comment below your favourite designs. 

Leanne x


Sunday, April 10, 2016

NEW: BOURJOIS Foundation

If like me you are always on the look out for a new foundation then you need to look to Bourjois 

Bourjois has just launched two new foundations City Radiance or Air Mat which both come in 6 shades. 

City Radiance 

City Radiance is a brightening foundation with an SPF of 30 to fight UVA and UVB rays all year round and contains an anti-pollution formula to protect the skin further allowing your skin to breath. This lightweight liquid foundation is ultra creamy and has a fresh 'cucumber' like smell. The coverage is buildable and leaves your skin with a dewy non-greasy glow thanks to the radiance boosting pigments. 

Air Mat 

Air Mat leaves the skin with a smooth mat finish. The creamy liquid is non-drying and easily blends into the skin leaving a flawless finish for 24hours with high coverage.

I love City Radiance
Swatch of City Radiance and Air Mat 

My views

My skin is combination with the classic oily 'T' and some dryness too. When choosing a foundation I would always go for a mat finish as I can naturally shine up during the day but i choose to purchase not only the Mat but the Radiance too. 

I used the Radiance first and loved it! It gave my skin a brightening effect which was not greasy and even though i set my foundation with a powder my skin was still glowing. 
I brought shade 1 and 3 in the City Radiance to mix up when I'm with or without fake tan. 

Air Mat is also amazing as with this foundation i didn't feel the need for a powder finish. During the day if needed I just touched up around my 'T' zone with a little more of the foundation and it blended lovely. 
Air Mat was also lovely as it didn't highlight my dry patches. I choose to buy Air Mat in shade 1 which is great for non-tan days. 

When selecting your shade be sure to look at the colours as I did find the shade numbers looked different between the two foundations with the Air Mat coming up slightly darker. 


Apply your prefect shade of Air Mat to your oily areas and use City Radiance to others areas. 

In this shot I chose to wear City Radiance in shade 3

Hope you enjoy these foundations as much as me, let me know your views

Leanne x

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