Sunday, March 6, 2016

How to make money from you unwanted clothes

Have you ever wondered how much money you have sitting in your wardrobe in clothes and accessories that you no longer wear? Well it might be more than you think. 

A few months back I gave a bag of clothes that I no longer wore to my mum to see if she wanted any. A few weeks later she handed me £36 and said she sold them on eBay. 

Last week I listed the remaining items I had and got £45 giving a total of £81!!

Some may think it's too much of a hassle but eBay make it so simple.

Here are my tips on how to be a successful seller...

1) Be realistic. If you wouldn't be happy with the quality that you are sending then don't list it.

2) Be honest. Describe items honestly. If they have been worn then say so. If there are any defects no matter how small or minor state it in the description. If you don't point them out the buyer will and that could result in a complaint.

3) Start the price low to attract more interest and watchers unless the item you are selling is of great value. 

4) Try to list your items so bidding ends in the evening or at a weekend as this is often when more people are online.

5) Be prompt with shipping. You know what it's like when you are waiting for a delivery so don't delay posting when payment has been received. If you can only post on certain days then state this in your description so it's clear to the buyers.

6) Photograph things clearly and in good lighting. Make sure clothes are ironed and clean as no one wants to but something that looks like a dirty dish cloth. 

7) Get proof of postage. This will illuminate someone trying to say that the item was never sent.

8) Send valuable items recorded delivery for piece of mind.

9) Don't wrap in brown paper as this can rip easily if it gets wet. Bin liners and parcel tape are very good and in-expensive.

10) If there is a dispute try to resolve it quickly with the buyer to maintain a good feedback score. 

Happy selling 

C x 


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