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Beauty Mistakes

So we're all guilty of squeezing that spot and occasionally sleeping in our make-up but what is the real cost of our beauty mistakes.

Lack of  Exfoliation

Exfoliation plays a major role in maintaining healthy skin. You can invest in the most expensive moisturiser but if you have a layer of dead skin blocking the product it will not penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin having minimal to no effect.

Exfoliation doesn't only allow absorption of other products but clears pores and help blockages; improves circulation increasing oxygen and nutrients to the skins surface giving you a clearer health glow.

Ways to improve

Weekly exfoliation is a good way to improve your bad habit, I recommend St Ives Apricot scrub which comes in 5 variations and uses 100% natural exfoliates
Use a small amount mixed with water and using circular movement work all over face and neck being careful at eye area.

Sleeping in Make-up

By choosing an extra 10 minutes in bed over your cleansing routine can cause a number of problems.
Dirt can collect in your pores making them more visible and over time can cause blockages resulting in blackheads and spots!
Prolonged lack of cleansing can also cause a build up on the skin trapping potential irritants at the skin surface.

Ways to improve

Cleansing does not have to be a long task. Micellar water is the quickest way to cleanse your skin! Damp a cotton pad with Garnier Micellar Water and simply wipe all over your skin!
'Micelles' act like magnets which lifting away makeup and impurities from the skin without harsh rubbing.


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Mascara: Did you know the shelf life for most mascaras is 3 months? Usage after this time can cause bacteria to build up in the tube causing infection which is a great reason to never share your make-up either. 

 Liquid/cream products: If like me you are prone to break outs think before you reach for that cover stick or cream foundation especially if you have been picking! By applying your concealer direct from a tube or re-dipping your finger and brush in these liquid products you could be transferring the bacteria to the whole tube which would be a breading ground in the moist, dark environment. 

Ways to improve

Generally foundations and creams should be replaced from 6-12 months and we know mascaras are 3 months. 
Avoid cross contamination by decanting small amounts of products to the back of you hand for us, this will save the entire tube. Keep make-up brushes clean with weekly washes such as Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel and never share you make-up with friends, you could be sharing more than you think. 

Real Techniques brush cleanser 

Typically powders do not pose a threat though some may contain small amounts of water with botanical extracts so could cause bacteria to grow but if you notice your powder is difficult to removed prom the compact and firms a thicker film t the surface its time to ditch it. 

Picking Spots
So you wake up and staring back at you in the mirror is a perfectly formed spot! Temptation may be to pick but don't. Picking spots can actually push bacteria deeper down into the skin causing it to appear for a few more days. Worse still picking the skin causes trauma and you can cause scarring which takes longer to heal.

Ways to Improve

There are many spot creams out there, Witch Hazel is great to apply directly onto the area and gels such as Freederm gel will work on taking down redness. If you are to cover remember the above advice so you do not contaminate your make-up. 

If you are interested in our current skincare then watch below

 If you have concerns regarding you skin then comment below.

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