Monday, January 11, 2016

The Ultimate Glamour Bible

Your Beauty Mark

By Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Tesse is my depiction of true beauty with her signature blue/black hair, pale skin, cat eyeliner and red lips. Her look is not just for show its a way of life and for most of us the effort required to look this good would be too much but for Dita it's no more effort than it is for us to put on a pair of jeans and scoop our hair into a high bun. 

'Your Beauty Mark' by Dita Von Teese is my first beauty book purchase in years and I absolutely love it. Throughout the book she details the secrets of her lifestyle and gives step by step guides as to how she creates her signature looks as well as fitness, fashion, information and tips. 

Even on my very best day I'm pretty sure I couldn't live up to Dita on her 'Casual day' but this book makes me want to try.

If you are interested in eclectic glamour or just intrigued into the lifestyle of a 'burlesque superheroine' (Vanity Fair) then you'll love this book. 

My favourite quote so far is her reference to nude lipsticks;

"As nearly naked as you can catch me in the act onstage, I'm am not about to pucker up in a lip shade formulated to look natural" 

This book is available in Waterstones priced at £25 

Charlene x


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