Sunday, January 31, 2016

Baking Your Make-Up

If you stalk Instagram like me then you would have seen the term 'baking' and watched the wonderful videos of the process; but what does it actually mean?

Baking your make-up is a term used for applying a loose powder to the your skin directly over foundation and letting it 'bake' into your skin for a period of time before blending in to achieve a longer lasting brightening effect. Typically 'baking' is done as a contour effect using 
 and lighter powder. 

This technique has been around for some time within the beauty world but with the power of Instagram and the contouring trend not fading soon its now more mainstream.

How to:
1) Apply your foundation and concealer 
2) Using a damp sponge or contour brush apply a generous layer to areas of your face you wish to brighten such as under eyes, jaw and nose
3) Leave powder to 'Bake' into your skin for 5 - 10 minutes
4) Using a fluffy brush dust off excess and blend edges 

Heidi makeup artist 


Save for evening occasions

This trend is not for everyday as can be very heavy and if you are not careful will show every line under your eye area! 
For lighter baking only leave for a few minutes to set your foundation. 

We would love to see you baking

Tag your 'Baking' pictures on Instagram using the #CharleneLeanneBaking

Look out for ours! 

See you soon x


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