Thursday, December 29, 2016

What Leanne got for Christmas 2017...

So Christmas is over for another year, I had such a great time and received so many lovely gifts that I filmed a new video; What I got for Christmas 2016.  

I hope you enjoy. 

Click below to watch...

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The mini Lily

My first Mulberry and what really fits in a mini Lily? 

I have always looked at the Mulberry Lily with lust and finally I am now the proud owner of the mini Lily. Now the reason I was always attracted to the mini version of the Mulberry classic was the fact that it was mini. In my head I had styled that little bag with many imaginary outfits but I did always wonder what you could fit in it and it seems I wasn't the only one as since owning one it seems lots of people are asking me the same question. 

If you are at all thinking of purchasing the mini Lily then you have the option of the natural grain or Croc print. I was undecided of the two until they were side by side and the Croc finish was actually smaller in size, something I hadn't noticed before which had me questioning what I would fit in it even more.
I chose the natural small grain in Scarlet as I wanted a statement colour. 

The beautiful Mini Lily...

It fits so well in a hand....... 

The lily has 3 handy card compartments to save the space of bulky wallets. 

My bag essentials; Key wallet full of 6 keys for home and work, lipstick, phone and coin pouch that I also use for notes.

So here is the proof; you can fit all you need in the mini with a little room to spare without bulging the sides. I even managed to fit a packet of tissues in for my cold today. 

With my essentials in the bag the shape remained bulge free.
I am so glad I finally treated myself to one of these gorgeous bags, the craftsmanship of the bag is just perfect with beautifully finished leather and a long chain strap means it sits cross body in a comfortable position. 
When wearing this bag you can see and feel the luxury and I can now see I am going to be addicted as I would really love the Metallic Mushroom colour; I can even imagine how I would style it........ 
With Christmas sales now on you can purchase a mini lily in selected colours for £316 or shop the full range with prices from £375. 

On My Wish list

On my wish list Metallic Mushroom Goat 

 Shop the lily range here

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Monday, December 19, 2016

The pleated skirt

Once the pleated skirt may have been associated with your great grandma but now is a wardrobe staple. Team it with heels, causal T-shirt and bike jacket for that super glam edge.

Pleated skirts are everywhere and this is the first time I am owning one as my adult self. This gorgeous skirt is in store now at Primark for just £13 and is also available in silver which is lovely but the shade does not suit my skin tone. 

Today I teamed my pleated skirt with a ruffle jumper slight tucked in from H&M

Team with ankle socks and boots to give a edgy feel. Fish net ankle socks £4 TopShop. 

Celebrity Following 

If only I could stretch to this gorgeous Gucci pleated skirt.. 
Visit Gucci for details. 

Karlie Kloss Pic Vouge 

Team With 

Add a statement T shirt to your pleats, i love the classic Tommy T at the moment

Shop the classic Tommy T

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

November Fashion Haul

Fashion Haul 

Myself and Charlene have put together our fashion purchases in November for our latest YouTube video. 

Link to outfits within our YouTube description bar. 

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Must Have Gap Jeans

If you haven't shopped in Gap lately you really are missing out

Gap Style

We will be the first to admit that we hadn't shopped in a Gap store in years and really we are not sure why. Our friend Hannah who works for the brand has always given us jean envy so we finally decided to take a look and now we are hooked. They truly have the best fitting jeans on the high street.

No more do we have to hold the back of our jeans up when bending down, hallelujah!!
Not only did we fall in love with the jeans but a few basic items too. 

We have put together our Gap style that you can buy in-store or online now. 

Our  Gap Style

Shop the looks 

Studded Jeans
Black Jeans
Embroidered Jeans
Studded Shirt
Long sleved T-Shirt

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

What I Got For My Birthday

From a Topshop bodysuit to a Yankee candle see what I got for my birthday 

I was given so many lovely things for my birthday that I decided to film a birthday haul. My birthday was actually a few weeks ago but life has got in my way of editing lately but as they say... 'Better late than never'
You will notice that my cats once again make an appearance. 

To read more about my Easilocks hair extensions read my blog post here

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Can't stretch to the Gucci boots? Then check out Topshop.

The Gucci fringed boots are all over Instagram and once you have seen them you will know why. I love all the colours so much that I actually found myself on the Gucci website hoping to be able to afford the price tag... which I can not by the way. 
Priced from £710 it is a little out of my league but wondering through my local Topshop I stumbled on some Gucci inspired boots; they even had gold ones with prices from only £39. 


Here are my favorite Gucci boots which I simply can not afford.... £710 £725 


So here are the top Gucci style pics from Topshop at a fraction of the price £39 £39 

What I Brought 

So I am so excited to receive these; I literally ordered them today (Topshop did not stock my big feet size 8)  I opted for the leather as the heel height was higher and being leather would last me better. Look out on my Insta for how I style these. 

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Why choose hairdressing as a career?

Have you ever thought of a career in hairdressing? I met with fellow blogger and hairdresser Zoe to get the insight into the hairdressing career. 

Hundreds of young male and females leave school every year and enrol onto a hairdressing course at college. A percentage of these learners join for the wrong reasons with 1 being it's an easy option but having worked at a college for the last 9 years I can safely say otherwise but I don't want to give a one sided view so I met fellow blogger and hairdresser Zoe to give you the low down on what choosing a career as a hairdresser really means. 


Zoe started studying hairdressing from the age of 14 with the 'Higher Diploma' which was a gcse equivalent qualification meaning Zoe was at college 1 day per week from school. The qualification has since changed numerous times and at many colleges is now not available at all.  After gaining this qualification Zoe left school and college and gained a position within a hairdressing salon as an apprentice. 

Why did you choose an apprenticeship over studying full time at college?

I was already working in the salon (Styella hair co) on Saturdays and I really enjoyed this. I enjoyed watching the other stylists and knew it was something I really wanted to do. I was lucky that once I completed my Diploma qualification the salon were able to offer me an apprenticeship in hairdressing which meant I would work in the salon 4 days at attend college 1 day per week. I liked this option as it meant I was still in a salon environment so I felt I would be able to learn more. The apprenticeship at the time was over two years and gave me a full NVQ level 2 in hairdressing. I know college would have been 1 year but being in salon watching other stylists on a daily basis and being around clients was something I enjoyed. 

Are you paid as an apprentice? 

Yes you get paid but I was on more when I was a Saturday girl. I was working full time hours and my pay worked out at about £2 something per hour. It's more now I'm sure but I wouldn't have earned anything at college and I really enjoyed it so I didn't mind. 

What part of hairdressing did you find the hardest? 

Standing on your feet all day is actually tiring, its long hours. Foiling was also hard, I felt I needed extra hands and it took ages, it looks so march harder that it is to get a foil in neat and with no seepage. There are also timings you need to work too and it takes lots of practice to reach this. Models can be hard to find; you are not allowed to work on tuition heads so you have to find models to work on and who are willing to be practiced on.
There are lots of assessments/exams so you need to keep on top of things and listen as they theory is far more in-depth that people imagine. You have to know and understand the structure of the hair to be able to understand how different colours react and also how they react to other chemicals that may be on the clients hair already. If you do not understand this you can cause serious damage. 

Why should people choose a career within the industry? 

It's such a lovely industry. You meet people all the time, you build regular client's who become more like friends, you hear lots of stories and it's a trade you can always take with you. It's a trade people will always need for years, when trends and fashions change everyone still needs a hair cut or colour  so it's a skill for life. 

Tips for people choosing to study or who are already studying. 

Don't let the negative get you down: You will at some point have a negative experience with a client, it happens to us all but you must never dwell on it. Learn from a mistake, try to understand how it went wrong but pick yourself up, everyone makes mistakes and sometimes you also can't please everyone.

Don't give up: While studying you may not pass every assessment every time so take on board the feedback from your assessor, practice and do it again. 

Keep up to date: Keep up with trends and styles. I like to read blogs and trade magazines to keep up with the latest products, colours and styles. You never want a client coming in knowing more of what is going on than you. 

Zoe's favourite hair products 

Babyliss hair wand £25

Toni and guy sea salt spray £7.81

Thank you for reading. 

Leanne x


Monday, November 7, 2016

Seventeen make-up kits


Two beautiful pocket size palettes not to be missed 

I'm a sucker for cute make-up pallets and browsing through my local boots I spotted these pocket treasures that I could not resist. 
Seventeen has always been a brand for stylish women at affordable prices and theses kits priced from £5.99 they will be sure to find there way onto any fashionista designer bag. 

All out pout 

'All out pout' consists of two different lip pallets containing 6 lip colours in a satin, gloss and glitter finish.
Whoo Me: warm nudes, orange and intense red tones you can mix to create your own personal shade. 

Fancy Free: Cooler tones of purple, pinks and shimmery nudes. 

Fancy Free £7.99 

Fancy Free: 6 gorgeous shades you can mix to create your own look 

Lets face It 

'Lets Face It' contains all you need to help create a perfect base and maintain the look on the go and is available in fair or medium skin tone.
The palette contains two concealers in a pink and yellow undertone will hide those dark eyes or conceal that spot and with a handy double end brush means mess free application. 
The cream blush will add a subtle glow  and blends perfectly with your fingers into the apples of your cheeks and the face powder it great to combat shine on the go. 

I love this and carry it in my bag every day; I have a tendency to get the odd spot so find it perfect to keep any redness hidden. 

Fair tones £5.99 

Top down: Pink undertone concealer, yellow undertone concealer, cream blush, face powder 

My finished look, wearing concealer, blush and powder as part of my base. Lips is the middle colour on the top row of the Fancy Free Palette. 

Shop online or in store now

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

October Fashion Buys

My October Fashion Purchases

So if you didn't know all ready myself and Charlene have a YouTube channel where we film our favorite fashion and beauty products and I have just uploaded a video showing you what I brought in the month of October. 

Here are my favourite looks from the month. 

Topshop Leggigns, Primark Coat, Topshop jumper 

To watch my fashion Purchases click video below 

Speak Soon 
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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween Nails

Get creative with your nails this Halloween 

Primark stick-on nails from £1. 

Primark has a great selection of stick on nails and some spooky designs for this Halloween from just £1 but if you fancy getting creative and don't have time to hit the shops then copy my Halloween design. 

Getting Creative

For my nails I chose to use several base colours and painted two coats of colour onto each nail and allowed to dry. 

To add the detail to my nails I used a thin black nail art striper to carefully paint the Halloween design on the pumpkin, spiderweb, monster and skull. For the blood design I used a red polish to blob paint onto the black for a scary blood effect. 

Allow to dry for a few minutes before sealing your look with a high gloss top coat, I used Leighton Denny Crystal Finish 

Online Inspiration 

There are plenty of designs online, here are my tops pics for inspiration. 

Happy Halloween

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