Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Easilocks extensions.....

Why Easilocks is worth the investment

I have always wanted hair extensions but having seen so many horror pictures plastered across Facebook I was a little put off until I stumbled across Easilocks on Instagram. 

Easilocks has a huge celebrity following and now I can see why. 

Here is my experience with the brand. 

The Hair and Bonds

What sets Easilocks apart from the rest is the not just the cuticle correct hair quality but the way the hair attaches to your natural hair, no glue or head required! 
Easilocks is a tiny lock that clamps your extension to your natural hair... do not confuse this with micro-loops as Easilocks are not visible in the hair as they come in 10 shades and 3 sizes to perfectly match your own hair colour and density. You can not even feel the bonds in your hair! 

My two hair colours 

The tiny tips of the hair extensions 

Easilocks hair ring to match your perfect colours 

Easilocks come is 36 different shades and multiple colours can be blended to achieve the most natural blend and results. 

The Treatment 

My hair was washed and dried to ensure I had no oils present. My hair was then sectioned and row by row the Easilocks were attached. The locks are never attached near the hair line so I can tie my hair up in multiple ways with no nasty locks showing. 

In total I had 160 bonds in 18inches applied giving me a full head of lustrous hair! 
Once they had been applied my stylist then blow dried my hair with a large round brush to make sure my hair was blended and didn't sit in layers, then the final touch was to slightly blend the hair with my own natural layering, this is something some hair extension technicians fail to do leaving chunky lines visible! 

Before and After
Hair curled using Easilocks 'Hair Hero' 


I'm not going to lie, I was dreading the first hair wash being careful with the bonds and coping with the hair being so heavy when wet but after the second was its like it's always been my hair! 
At night i sleep in a plait or loose pony tail using an Invisi Bobble. I always use a heat protection spray to prolong the life of my hair and use the Easilocks Dream brush to avoid any pulling on the locks. 
You can wear the extensions for 3 months before they would need to be removed and then re-attached higher up. It is not recommended to leave them longer as you cab get tangling at the roots from natural hair shedding. 

The hair can last for up to 1 year if you have been looking after it and following the aftercare. 


For my transformation prices start from around £550 but it truly is worth every penny. 
From a 'swishy' ponytail to loose waves i always feel glamorous

Thank you to my two hair stylists Sienna and Simona who work at Headlines 

See you soon Leanne x


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Last minute Christmas gift ideas.....

With Christmas just a few days away here are out top 5 last minute gift ideas

For the kids

Lush stock a large range of Christmas gifts, choose ether one of their pre-wrapped boxes of treats or create your own. Prices from just £1.95

Lush Pud £3.95

Father Christmas £17.95 

For Her 

Sister, Aunt or Nan... these will sure bring some Christmas cheer 
200g Candle £42 

Chanel Lipstick £26 

Moet Cracker £18 

For Him 

If like me you struggle to buy for the men in your life then take a look at these for inspiration....
Barbour scarf £39.95 

Amazon fire stick £34.99 

Toy helicopter £25 John lewis 

For all 

Need a family friendly gift... these will go down a treat 
Hotel Chocolat £18 

Scrabble game £14.99

Merry Christmas x


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Black Friday Best Buy

I love Topshop jewellery and I still can't believe that I managed to bag £57.50 worth of Topshop jewellery for just £5!! 

All items I purchased were reduced to around £3-£5 each but on Black Friday you could have 5 pieces for just £5!! This saved me £52.50 off the original retail price!! 

To be honest I could have brought up another 20 pieces as there was so much to choose from.

Pear necklace original price £15.00.

Boho style necklace £10 

Hoop earrings £7.50

Silver tassel necklace £15.00

Delicate 3 tier stone necklace £10.00

If you managed to bag a bargain on Black Friday then comment below

Speak soon xx 


Friday, December 4, 2015

Primark Haul

I love Primark for affordable fashion and below are a few things I picked up the other day. 

Black super high waisted stretch jeans £10. I love these as they are long enough in the leg which is something I usually struggle with being 5ft 9. 

Grey mix jeans £13. Thicker than the black jeans above and equally high waisted. They fit perfectly and would look nice with some killer heels.

White pocket front blouse £10. The sleeves can be worn up or down as pictured and looks great with either the black or grey jeans. 

Black tie front jumper £8!! This is lovely and soft and on trend with the tie front.

Black 'croc' print slip on shoe £5. These are super comfy and more durable than thin pumps this time of year. 

All of the above came to £46!! Another reason to love Primark

The only down side is that all the nice things Primark Instagram I can never find in store. 

If you manage to bag any then please let me know

Speak soon x 

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