Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Say hello to frizz free hair this winter

There are lots of hair oils about at the moment and I've tried a few, but this is my all time favourite

Oils are brilliant at nursing dry hair and combating frizz so perfect for the winter seasons. 
I'm currently using L'OREAL Mythic oil which is around £12 for 125mls. 

How to use... I use a few drops mid lengths to ends before I blow dry to add moisture and help smooth my hair, I also use a few drops after to tame any stray pieces and add gloss. 

Double the benefits.... combine it with Mythic Oil 'Seve Protectrice' which is a heat protection oil in a cream. It's around £13 for a 150ml tube. I mix it with a few drops of the oil before I blow dry for added heat protection. 

If you feel your hair is dull, dry or prone to fizz then I would definitely recommend you try these products. 

They are available in salons or online. 

Happy frizz free hair

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