Sunday, November 29, 2015

Statement leggings you must own this season

These Topshop leggings are just £22 and teamed with a simple black top will have you standing out from the crowd for the right reasons.

The fabric is traditionally stretchy and the bronze snake finish will not leave a tell-tale sign you had been there! 
I teamed mine with a backless top and bold necklace but high waisted design will also look great with crop or body. 

Leggings, necklace and earrings by Topshop

Team with £12 £24 £38 


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Need an instant tan fix? We have the product #MyCocoaBrown

Introducing Instant Tan Bronzing Gel 

I am a massive lover of all things Cocoa Brown so couldn't wait to try this new product.

Cocoa Brown instant tan gel comes in either 'Shimmer' or 'Matte' and has a lovely fresh fragrance.

The gel is super light and bendable and easy to apply to any area. I used the gel with the deluxe double sided pink velvet tanning mitt for a flawless finish. 

One leg tanned using the instant gel

Once the gel has been applied there is no sticky feeling, as soon as you have applied the tan it is dry, no rubbing off on clothing either! 

To remove the tan simply shower with your favourite shower gel and your back to your former self. 

Matt is perfect to apply all over the body and works great under make-up too, I'm saving my Shimmer instant gel just for my legs. 


My Cocoa Brown pins 

Shop quick as I spotted one shop where Cocoa Brown is the clear favourite in the tan department.

Happy Tanning 



Monday, November 16, 2015

Smile Bright with Mr. Blanc

I'm a big fan of teeth whitening and I've finally found the perfect at home treatment....

After seeing my Instagram feed full of Mr Blanc I just had to purchased them. I brought mine from Boots at £24.99 for 14 sachets (28 strips) I was reasonably priced. 

1 sachet contains a strip for the upper and lower teeth so don't be fooled into thinking that you have enough for 28 uses (Not speaking from experience)


To use them I brushed and flossed my teeth and then dried them with a towel. I then place the top strip just below the gum line and folded any excess strip behind my teeth and then repeated on the bottom teeth. I then wait for 30 minutes before removing where I then re-brushed and flossed my teeth to remove any residue...there was a lot and it was very sticky.

I usually repeat this process for 7 consecutive days and then just refresh once a week. 

I really like this product and after one use I could notice a big difference. I found I had no side affect on my gums and no sensitivity afterwards. They are so easy to use that I would definitely recommend this product.

My Tips

To hold the strips firmly in place I brought some gum shields off eBay that I wore, this stopped them moving about concentrating the gel just on my teeth. 
This is optional but you can purchase the trays for around £3 and mould them to fit your teeth. 

My molded thermo mouth tray 

After having my teeth lasered a few years back they do advise to avoid foods and drinks that would stain for 24 hours and I would apply the same advice when using these

Let me know if you have tried these and what you thought

Speak soon 



Monday, November 9, 2015

The beauty make-over......

 H&M has always has always sold make-up but not like this...... welcome 

'The Beauty Department' 

If you haven't noticed lately (well within the last last two months) that the beauty section in H&M Norwich has had a major face lift then you're no beauty addict. The store has undergone a major beauty face lift giving you a high end beauty shopping experience with an affordable budget. 

The Products....

You can not only expect to find the basics covering face, eyes and lips but also haircare, skincare and body care. My absolute favorite are the face masks, these come in bright coloured bubbles and there is a mask for every skin such as 'Manuka Honey' for combination or  'Coconut Water' for dry and with prices from just £1.99 you can afford to stock up. 


The packaging.... 

All of the products are in gorgeous packing, think creams and golds with the bright pigments shining through, the overall look is clean, high end and modern... the shopping bags are even lovely being a thick cream paper with black and gold lettering. 

Nail colours £3.99

Face products from £4.99

Price vs Quality 

H&M have got the balance when it comes to the price and quality, I picked up some amazing eye shadows that have high pigment, creamy texture and longevity when worn for just £4.99 each, a price comparable with the leading high street brands but with the quality of a high end line. 

If you would like to shop H&M beauty click below 

Speak soon 
Leanne x


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Say hello to frizz free hair this winter

There are lots of hair oils about at the moment and I've tried a few, but this is my all time favourite

Oils are brilliant at nursing dry hair and combating frizz so perfect for the winter seasons. 
I'm currently using L'OREAL Mythic oil which is around £12 for 125mls. 

How to use... I use a few drops mid lengths to ends before I blow dry to add moisture and help smooth my hair, I also use a few drops after to tame any stray pieces and add gloss. 

Double the benefits.... combine it with Mythic Oil 'Seve Protectrice' which is a heat protection oil in a cream. It's around £13 for a 150ml tube. I mix it with a few drops of the oil before I blow dry for added heat protection. 

If you feel your hair is dull, dry or prone to fizz then I would definitely recommend you try these products. 

They are available in salons or online. 

Happy frizz free hair

Thanks for reading x 


Monday, November 2, 2015

The Beauty of Crete

This year was the first time I went on a girls holiday with Charlene and our friend Sarah and our main priority's were peaceful and affordable and Crete ticked the boxes. 

Where to stay

We stayed in the area of Hersonissos at the beautiful Petros Village 

Petros village is a family run apartment complex that has it all. The village is situated along a main road but there is no disturbance as you soak up the sun by the pool. The advantage of the main road is the bus stops directly outside and just 3 stops down the road takes you into the town centre which is packed with shops, bars and restaurants. 

If you fancy staying at the village then you will be sure to have amazing home cooked food with a different special each night. The 3 of us dined for just 10euros a night so great if you are on a budget. 

We can not recommend enough the Sunday BBQ where for just 10 euros each you can eat, drink and dance the night away! 

Petros village pool area 

Petros Village 


The Safari club should be top on the list if you love action and adventure as you will explore all Crete has to offer including the cave of Zeus!!
For the sporty kind you could always walk the Samaria gorge where you can hike for around 6 hours across rocky terrain and take in great sights of Crete. For those who have ever read the award winning book from Victoria Hislop 'The Island' then the Spinalonga Island boats trip will sure to bring the book to life.

Cave of Zeus 
View going down cave of Zeus


1) The people of Crete are truly lovely people who make you feel welcome where ever you go.
2) The food is amazing and very affordable if your on a budget.
3) Culture, the Island is packed with culture, just explore!!
4) The sun does not stop shining here so be sure to pack a high SPF.
5) Petros Village; this is not a 5* rates hotel but the people and atmosphere make this resort! I would stay here again. 

A few random snaps 

Until my next adventure..... see you soon Crete x 

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