Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Skin hair and nail tablets...Review

Hair vitamins seem to be taking over my Instagram and Twitter feed for the past few months and I have to say that even as someone who works in the hair industry and understands the growth cycle that I'm still drawn in by the before and after pictures. I'm not completely brain washed into believing that your hair can actually grow several inches in a month but am interested to know if the condition and general health of the hair is improved as a direct result of taking these vitamins.

Some of the hair vitamins on offer on average range from £20 -£35 a month and it suggests that you need to take them for around 3 months to feel the real benefits. This is a lot if money to commit to each month if nothing happens and to be honest id ratter invest this money in a good hair care brand specifically for my hair type and needs. After reading lots of reviews online about these vitamins there seems to be no difinative response that confirms they actually do what they claim. 

I decided to use a cheaper brands of hair vitamins on offer which are from the Wilko Wellbeing range called Skin, Hair and Nails and test to see if they make any difference. They cost as little as £2 for a box of 30 which requires you to take one per day. I have been taking these now for aprox 5 months and I genially believe they have improved the condition of my hair. It seems much stronger and breaks less. I haven't change my hair routine during this time so in could give a more accurate review so overall I do feel these are helping with maintaing the general health of my hair. My hair hasn't suddenly grown at a mirical rate but the reduced split ends means I've had less cut off during my regular trims than normal. I can't comment as to the effects on my nails as I have false ones and in general my skin is alway clear. 

I'm going to continue to use them as they're so inexpensive and I've had no side effects to report of.

Please comment if you have tried any that you think have made an improvement.

Thanks for reading x 


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