Monday, October 19, 2015

In a lash flutter

Fleur De Force and Eylure... What a beautiful combination...

It's no secret that I'm a lover of lashes and no one does it better than Eylure when it comes to choice and affordability (Range starts at £5.25) so i was super excited to see the brand had teemed with blogger Fleur De Force to create a lash range.  

The range consists of 3 strip lash styles and 1 individual lash kit

Fleur and Fabulous - A thicker band and bolder lash, perfect for evening glam. 

Simply Fleur - A thinner band with a more natural lash finish, great for day. 

Fleur Loves - 3/4 lash on a thin band giving a full flutter to the outer eye, great for day and night 

Couture Fleur - individual lashes which can be stacked over strip lashes for dramatic effects or individually applied to create a personal look

My favorite out of the range is 'Fleur Loves' as they are super easy to apply to the outer edge and with a little mascara blends perfectly with your own lashes. 
Currently these are sold out online so check out your nearest chemist and stock up! 


1) Carefully remove from packaging by picking lash up with the band (grabbing the lashes themselves can cause the lashes to bed out of shape)

2) Holding the lashes in the center with tweezers apply a thin line of lash glue to the lash band and allow to air dry for a few second, this helps the glue go tacky and stop them sliding around during application. 

3) Apply the lash to the outer 3rd of your eyes close to your lash line. Hold the center in place for a few second then hold down each end for a few second to secure the length of the lash in place

4) Apply the other lash and allow glue to dry, don't worry if you have used too much glue as this dries clear. 

5) Once dry apply mascara to your natural lashes to blend to the false lash, mascara can be applied to the false lash for a more dramatic finish. 

I wore my lashes without extra mascara for a more natural look 

Removal and Care 

1)  when you need to remove, support your eye and gently pull the lash off being careful to to miss-shape the lash. 

2) Using tweezers gently pick the old lash glue off your false lashes by supporting them in between your fingers. 

3) Place lashes back in box and hold in place with the sticky dots, this will keep their shape for your next use. 

Leanne x 



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