Sunday, October 11, 2015

A 'Lush' Trick or Treat

I just love Halloween and couldn't resist the Pumpkin Heebie-Jeebie treat from Lush, a cute Pumpkin ball containing two products for just £9.95

Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar
This is my star bar! Its a Pumpkin that's gold and glittery and smells of winter spices, what more could we want this Halloween. 

Lord Of Misrule bath bomb 
A gorgeous sent that once in the water bubbles turn from green to deep wine in colour! 

The perfect Halloween to 'treat' your loved ones big or small

If pumpkin is not your thing then 'Bat Heebie-Jeebie' will do the trick containing two different products from their spooky range.

Lord of the Misrule shower scream
Nightwing shower Jelly

Click to buy from the Lush Halloween range 

Happy Halloween 

Leanne x 



  1. Another lovely blog post from you girls. I love reading your blog and find your blog posts and YouTube videos very interesting. I was just wondering do you have any tips for someone who is thinking about starting a blog. Also what do you use to edit your YouTube videos? Thanks.

  2. Hi Zoe. Its Leanne. So glad you love our blog, what do you think of the new layout?

    For the blog I would use Pipdig, if you go on thier website they have great templates that are not expensive and they set it up for you so you just have to add the pages but they have a very helpful team.

    We just love to blog about all the things we love and have come across, we found people often asked us at college where we got stuff and what we like to use so we thought we would start the blog and share our things that way. Are you thinking of starting one?

    For YouTube we just use iMovie on a Mac, any editing that i've seen I just google it and learnt that way. It was trial and error really for us.

    1. Hi Leanne. I do love the blog. I read quite a few blogs and watch a lot of YouTubers. When I saw you were both giving it a go as well I was so excited. As you were my tutor at college a few years back I started watching your videos and reading your blog and fell in love with them both watching and reading regularly. I really like the new layout, it looks great on both laptops and mobile devices. Also it is really easy to find things and use.
      Ok I will have a look on their website and see what I think.
      Yes I am thinking about starting a blog, I just don't know where to start really. Any tips for writing your first blog post as I don't want it to end up being long and boring.
      Ok, any tips for people interested in starting a YouTube channel but not knowing where to start?

  3. I Like reday blogs that have a lots of pics too or if not keep them short and snappy, thats just me. Do you do your hairdressing... you could start with that?
    Go with what you love, you will love pipdig though. For YouTube we were really trial and error, we took so many takes on our first video and it was terrible! you just learn as you go. Again just stick to what you love. A great quote... 'What makes you tick' and do that xx

    1. Hi Leanne. Thanks for replying to both of my messages. Yes I am still doing hairdressing I qualified about a year and a half ago and still love it. I did have a look on there and I am thinking of getting one as they are all so pretty, exactly what I am looking for. Thank you so much for all your help and advice I love the quote will have to keep that in mind xx


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