Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Topshop: Lip Ombre

So we are all familiar with the Ombre hair trend that does not look to fade (no pun intended) for the coming seasons but what about lip Ombre? 

You may have noticed your Instagram feed full of amazing bold lips sporting this trend but how wearable is this on everyday skinny unbalanced lips like mine?????... I put it to the test.

Topshop have created a handy lip Ombre compact containing two complementing colours with a handy mirror for just £9. 

I opted for 'Baffle' which is a deep red/pink and a paler bright pink. 


Below is the video from the Topshop website  showing how to apply the product to achieve the perfect Ombre lip. 

My attempt: 

This is very easy to use thanks to the super bendable creams. I did cheat and use a brush to get a nice edge but fingers worked fine for on the move traveling. 


1) Do not over blend as you will end up with one solid colour and no colour fade (I did this first attempt) 

2) Do not over apply, use product sparingly as it will after the first lip rub blend totally together

3) Use a liner, I did feel this product bled a little so a lip liner would not only give a sharper edge but prevent bleeding. Topshop also do great liners. (This may be me over applying still, see above #2)

I love this product not only can you create Ombre lips but you also have two separate lip colour to enjoy... what could be better

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See you soon 
Leanne x


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