Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New 60 Minute Tan Review

If you've seen our recent YouTube video you will know that both Leanne and I love a bit of fake tan. I recently went to Superdrug to pick up some more Cocoa Brown tan when I noticed that their Solait range has just released a 60 minute tanning mousse. It is priced at £7.99 and is available in light/medium and medium/dark

Going on my experience of 60 minute tanning products being slightly lighter than the others available I opted for the darker of the two.

I prepared my skin in the usual way by applying moisturiser to my feet, hands, elbows, knees and under my arms. I then put on some gloves and a tanning mitt and started to apply the product to my face working towards my feet...Leanne always starts feet up. 

The tan is very noticeable orange in colour, which did fill me with dread but as it was very runny it was so easy to apply and see if I had missed any patches. I did find it very sticky and it didn't seem to dry onto the skin like some of the more expensive tans I've tried. Once I applied it evenly I wore very light clothing and the waiting game began. 

After 60 minutes I washed it off and....I was left with a beautiful golden tan. To be honest I didn't hold up much hope on this working but it was even in colour, left no dark patches on the elbows/knees and blended perfectly over my hands and feet. I can honestly say this is the best express tan I've tried at such a good price. No more laying like a zombie or stained sheets again. This tan is brilliant!! Hats off Superdrug 

If you've not see our recent video then watch below to see what other tans we have tried and tested

Speak soon... Charlene x 
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