Sunday, June 14, 2015

The secret to happy feet

Its that time of year when your feet finally meet the outside world after being crammed into boots all winter. There is no point investing all your money on a new sparkly pair of sandals if your heels are dry and cracked...I promise you that's the only thing people will notice. To ensure your feet are always flip flop ready you need to put in a little effort but if you do it on a regular basis it only needs to take a few minutes per week.

Treating your feet...

Foot files are a must if you want to keep your heels smooth. I have tried several but my favourite is one in Wilko's for only 75p and they come in a variety of colours. After a shower or a bath I dry my feet then use the rougher side of the file on my heels and ball of the foot and remove any areas of dryness. I then flip to the smoother side and go over the same areas to give ultra smooth finish. I do this once a week. 

Wilko double sided foot file 75p 

Cheese grater file!!! I have also road tested the metal foot files that resemble a cheese grater and I have to say that I was terrified once I felt how sharp it was. I rubbed the file over my heels and just the sound and feel across my skin made me shudder. I didn't make them smoother at all and in fact left little scratch lines in my feet. Maybe these are designed for those with extra dry skin but I would proceed with caution if you are going to use these. 

Beware of these harsh files 

Moisture for the soles...

Scholl cracked heel repair balm 60mls £5.39 is a wonder product. It's a thick waxy type cream that works best if you apply it a night and then cover with an old pair of soaks to give it time to really soak in. If your feet are really dry you will notice a drastic different within 7 days if you use it each night. If your feet are okay this is good as a once a week treat to keep your feet hydrated. Beware if you apply this during the day you may slip and slide in your shoes!! 

Scholl is available at

If anyone has tried any other heel repair balm that they feel tops the one I've mentioned then please let me know.

DIY Pedicure... 

Once a month throughout the year I like to get a pedicure to keep my cuticles and polish in check. I'd like to say that I go to a salon but quite often it's one I do at home. You don't need to invest in fancy foot spa either. A washing up bowl...obviously one reserved for just this will work fine. Add a little peppermint foot soak to the water to give freshness to your feet (I recommend The body Shop Reviving Foot Soak at just £7)
Dry your feet and remove any dry skin, gently push back your cuticles with an orange stick then apply your favourite polish. Please remember not to smoother your feet in cream before the polish or it will create a barrier on the nail and prevent the polish from drying. If you do then remove it with polish remover before painting. In the industry this is known as 'squeaking' the nail...the name given to the noise it makes. Also remember to use a base coat to avoid the polish staining your nail. I then finish it off with cuticle oil to give extra hydration to the area.

Thanks for the read and speak soon

Charlene x 


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