Thursday, May 21, 2015

Add a splash of colour....

Colour Swap 

By Leanne Forder 

Fancy a new colour without the commitment and damage from traditional colour systems??? 

Hallelujah to BLEACH London. 

This amazing new product gives you just that. A cream colourant that lasts 2-10 washes. 

The Colour Range

There are 12 colours within the range with imaginative names such as 'Washed up Mermaid' (think Kylie Jenner) and 'Awkward Peach'
I decided though to try 'Bruised Violet' 
Now on the advertising pic is an amazing model with bright cerise hair and I know I will never achieve such a dense colour but I'm aiming for a least a pink tone.

My Hair Before

My hair is naturally dark being the base of a 4 with some lighter tones brushed through being around a base colour of 7. 

The Application

The product is applied to washed damp hair. I would buy some disposable gloves as this will stain your hands. 

Once the product has been applied to your hair you need to leave it 15 minutes before washing with just water. 
I applied the product all over as it was only really going to pick up colour on the lighter sections. 

Finished Result

I loved the finished result. In natural day light you could really see a bright pink tone to the lighter sections of my hair. On the darker areas of my hair you could see a nice cerise tone which blended into the other areas. 
This product would be amazing on lighter hair as the colour intensity would be greater. 

I only used half the bottle on my hair so for around £2.50 per application this product will not break the bank. 

BLEACH London has a full range of lightening and colour care product so if you fancy an injection of colour to your hair, view the full range and buy here

See you soon x


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