Thursday, May 21, 2015

Add a splash of colour....

Colour Swap 

By Leanne Forder 

Fancy a new colour without the commitment and damage from traditional colour systems??? 

Hallelujah to BLEACH London. 

This amazing new product gives you just that. A cream colourant that lasts 2-10 washes. 

The Colour Range

There are 12 colours within the range with imaginative names such as 'Washed up Mermaid' (think Kylie Jenner) and 'Awkward Peach'
I decided though to try 'Bruised Violet' 
Now on the advertising pic is an amazing model with bright cerise hair and I know I will never achieve such a dense colour but I'm aiming for a least a pink tone.

My Hair Before

My hair is naturally dark being the base of a 4 with some lighter tones brushed through being around a base colour of 7. 

The Application

The product is applied to washed damp hair. I would buy some disposable gloves as this will stain your hands. 

Once the product has been applied to your hair you need to leave it 15 minutes before washing with just water. 
I applied the product all over as it was only really going to pick up colour on the lighter sections. 

Finished Result

I loved the finished result. In natural day light you could really see a bright pink tone to the lighter sections of my hair. On the darker areas of my hair you could see a nice cerise tone which blended into the other areas. 
This product would be amazing on lighter hair as the colour intensity would be greater. 

I only used half the bottle on my hair so for around £2.50 per application this product will not break the bank. 

BLEACH London has a full range of lightening and colour care product so if you fancy an injection of colour to your hair, view the full range and buy here

See you soon x


Sunday, May 17, 2015

BOOTEA...does it really work?

Bootea is a herbal detox tea which is designed to aid weightloss. It's priced at £19.99 in most health food shops and consists of 14 daytime tea bags and 7 nighttime tea bags. This product first came to my attention through Instagram and Twitter and was being heavily promoted by celebrities so obviously I (Charlene) just had to give it a go.

On the night you start the teatox you must take the nighttime tea and then continue to do this one every other night. The daytime tea must be your first drink of each morning. 

The teas have a plesent taste so were easy to drink but make sure you keep them separated as they look exactly the same. You definitely wouldn't want to get them confused!! 

After the two weeks I wouldn't say I lost any weight but I definitely looked less bloated and flatter around the stomach area. I often struggle with bloating and it can be uncomfortable so this teatox was brilliant at combating that. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is going away on holiday or before a special occasion to help you feel more cleansed and slimmer around the waist area.

The one piece of advice I would give is to test this out on your weekend off work as the nighttime tea will give a laxative effect so be warned. Sometimes the laxative effect would last most of the morning too so unless you have no issues with rushing to the toilet at work make sure you plan this teatox in holiday time. As I teach I will probably do this teatox every half term to give my bowels a good clear out...sorry if that's sounds disgusting! I am also just going to buy the nighttime tea next time as I was left wondering what the daytime tea actually did. I believe this product relys mainly on the laxative effect to work as I don't think weightloss is as easy as just drinking cups of tea. 

There are cheaper alternative detox teas available and I have tied several but this was definitely the best results and tasted pretty good too so well worth a try. 

Bootea have now launched a shake and oat breakfast line too and you can check them out or orders yours today by clicking here.

Happy teatox everyone!!

Speak soon x 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Lash Extension Mascara

Silk Oil Of Morocco 

'Lash Extension Fibre Mascara'

I (Leanne) was super excited to road-test the 'Lash Extension' mascara. I have seen many reviews and videos on the 'Younique' mascara but somehow still never trusted that it was actually that good. 

Silk Oil is slightly different from its competitors in that the mascara is actually compressed with  argon oil and contains no nastiness such as Lanolin. 

The Product 

The mascara retails at £29.95 and can be purchased here.

The kit contains two products; a gel mascara and a mascara wand full of lash fibres. The kit also contains an information leaflet and is all stylishly presented within a sun-glass style case. 

The Application 

To apply the product you need to open both mascara wands to be able to work quickly. You need to coat your lashes in the gel mascara and while your lashes are still wet apply the fibres. 
Once the fibres have been applied you must then seal with another coat of gel mascara. This process can be repeated to build your lashes to a create a really dramatic effect. 

My Opinion 

I found this a bit tricky to start. You really have to work quick as the gel dries quickly so never attempt both eyes at once (My first personal mistake). Also I didn't read the leaflet before I started but have now noticed you have to apply with your head tilted forward as under my eyes there were lots of tiny fibres which were actually hard to brush off; cue concealer brush!  

It may be handy to have a brow/lash brush handy to comb through your lashes between the layers as this helps stop the clumping. 

I'm only going to be using this product on my days off or for nights out as it is time consuming to get the product to look nice and not clump. 

My Lashes 

My left eye is my normal mascara which only costs £3.99 and my right eye is 3 layers of the 'Fibre Extension' mascara for £29.95. I could have gone more dramatic but still need practice. I think it opens my eye more so I will be ditching the falsies for now........

What do you guys think? 

Here is our YouTube Video of the mascara alongside their 'Fibre Brow Enhancer'
Hope you enjoy x


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

In the Nude...

Nude lipsticks are everywhere at the moment and apparently there's a shade that will suit everyone. I've always stayed clear of a nude coloured lipstick in the past as it always cojours up an image of when people put concealer on their lips and they ended up looking like a corpse.

I have however moved on from that and found a few wearable shades...

Mac Matte 'Honey Love' priced at £15.50 glides on beautiful and lasts for hours. It's soft toffee pink shade means it does not leave you lips looking washed out...or you looking dead. Remember though as it's a matte colour you need to make sure your lips are completely smooth other it will only emphasise dryness

The picture below shows shade 'Honey Love'

Another favourite shade of mine is MAC Lustre 'Patisserie' also priced at £15:50 is slightly pinker than honey love and leaves a beautiful gloss like shine to the lips. It's nice and moisturising and my go to lipstick at the moment. 

The pictures below shows 'Honey Love' on the left and 'Patisserie' on the right. 

If MAC is a little to expensive then a makeup range called 'Essence' which is available in Wilkos has a very good selection of nude lip products. I've purchase the XXXL Nude lipgloss in shade 06 'Soft Almond' and that is beautiful and not at all sticky which you sometimes get with cheaper brands (See picture below) the price is even better at just £2.00!! To order Essence products online click here. 

This is Charlene wearing Mac Honey Love lipstick and lips lined with MAC lip liner in Spiced. 

Hope you enjoyed the read

Speak soon x 

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